Life is in the Detail

Life is in the Detail

Visit the monasteries of Meteora in Central Greece in the company of one of our expert local guides, approaching these extraordinary Byzantine buildings along little used ancient goat trails.

Molly - Original Traveller. Epirus & Meteora

Life is in the Detail

From May 2018 British Airways starts flying direct to Nashville, making a Deep South road trip even easier. Start in New Orleans, take in Memphis and fly out from Nashville for the perfect musical mystery tour of the homes of jazz, Elvis and country, respectively.

Will - Original Traveller. The Deep South

Life is in the Detail

Hampi has always been one of the most glorious places to visit in India, but sorely lacking in luxury accommodation options. Not any more...

Miranda - Original Traveller. Karnataka

Life is in the Detail

The Great Migration is the largest overland wildlife migration on the planet. The first mass of the 1.5 million strong 'mega-herd' have made their way north into Kenya, where there is still availability at some of our favourite camps...

Ra - Original Traveller. The Masai Mara

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Luxury tailor-made holidays from Original Travel

At Original Travel we believe that life is in the detail

There is a world of possibilities out there

Here are just a few trip ideas to get you started

Stockholm and an Arctic Adventure

Stockholm and an Arctic Adventure

For those short on time but big on experience, Sweden provides an epic Big Short Break. With just a four night trip, split your time between the achingly trendy capital of Stockholm, and an arctic retreat, where husky sledding, snowmobiling and reindeer are all on the menu.

Eastern Sri Lanka

Highlights of Sri Lanka

A perfect combination of culture, wildlife, beaches and some fantastic food, Sri Lanka has no fewer than seven World Heritage Sites, including ancient cities, temples and nature reserves. Miles of palm fringed beaches also make the perfect conclusion to a fascinating cultural tour.

Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

Something of a must for culture vultures, Iran – or Persia, as it was once known – is an eclectic feast for the senses, and this is the time to explore a country which is very much on the rise. Soak up the compelling history as you travel from one city of rare beauty to another across the striking landscapes, meeting locals eager to share their rich heritage.

Highlights of Oman

Highlights of Oman

One week beginning in Oman’s capital, Muscat, soaking up the city whilst lounging in luxury at The Chedi, before decamping to the desert for a combination of isolation and adventure. Finally, stay 2,000 metres above sea-level in the Al Hajar mountains, exploring Oman’s stunning landscape on foot, clambering over canyons and rocky outcrops, or visiting hidden cultural gems.

Sunset over Kerala

Introducing India

A two week trip for anyone who's never been to India. One of the most vibrant country's on Earth, India can conjure up a multitude of conflicting emotions during any stay. As a result it's not everybody's cup of chai, but those who fall for the subcontinent fall hard, and become lifelong devotees. This itinerary has been designed you give you a taster of both North and South India.

South Africa in Style

South Africa in Style

South Africa offers the chance to enjoy a huge variety of experiences without the need for too much internal travel. Minimise your time in airports and maximise it in destination as you combine city life, stunning vineyards, coastal retreats and safari in a two week trip.

A Family Road Trip on the West Coast

A Family Road Trip on the West Coast

A two week road trip in California. Road tripping with the kids might seem like a slightly daunting task, but travelling down the West Coast of California is packed to the rafters with activities, and scenery to make little jaws drop.

Java, Kalimantan & Lombok: Relics, Rainforest and Relaxation

Java, Kalimantan & Lombok: Relics, Rainforest and Relaxation

11 days exploring Java, Kalimantan & Lombok. This is one for the adventurers, who like their creatures, and their creature comforts. A combination of ancient temple sites, time to explore the rainforest of Borneo in search of orangutan, and stunning beaches, with great snorkelling and diving within reach.

Sunrise in the Tuscan countryside

The Treasures of Tuscany

A seven night exploration of Tuscany's outstanding natural beauty and iconic cities.

Reefs and Reserves of Tanzania

Reefs and Reserves of Tanzania

Explore the lesser visited Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania, sandwiched between two coastal retreats: a hidden gem on the mainland, and one of our favourite island escapes.

Swimming Pool at the Amanzoe

Luxurious Peloponnese

16 days in the Peloponnese. The birthplace of Greek legends such as Hercules and Paris of Troy, the Peloponnese region retains a mythological charm. Separated from the mainland by the Corinth Canal, the peninsula has been inhabited by a number of civilizations, and is scattered with Mycenean, Classical and Byzantine sites. Explore secluded coves, azure waters, vineyards, olive groves while relaxing in some of the countries best hotels.

Flowers in Oaxaca

Luxury Mexico: Cities, Civilisations and Caribbean Coast

A trip to savour the vibrant metropolis of Mexico City, the culture of Oaxaca and Chiapas and some relaxation on the Caribbean Coast offers one of the most culturally diverse experiences to be found in Mexico.

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Travel advice, information and inspiration from the Original Travel team.

A Grecian Odyssey Part Two: Island Hopping

Islomaniac - the name given to someone obsessed with being on an island - a term that I can certainly resonate with after spending a week island-hopping around the Greek Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

View A Grecian Odyssey Part Two: Island Hopping

Scotland from the Sea

To quote Princess Anne 'sailing on a sunny day in Scotland is the nearest thing to heaven anyone will ever get on this earth…' and I couldn't say it better myself. Scotland has some of the best scenery and wildlife in the world and I was lucky enough to experience it all… by sea.

View Scotland from the Sea

Simply Starstruck: Our Super Stargazing Spots

We're no Professor Brian Cox, and we're not about to start banging on about antimatter, circumstellar discs and magellanic clouds (although they all sound marvellous), but there are few greater feelings than the sense of wonderment that comes with tipping your head back and gazing up at the…

View Simply Starstruck: Our Super Stargazing Spots

A Grecian Odyssey Part 1: Epirus and Meteora

"Have you been to Greece before?" My charming guide, George, asked as I trudged after him down a path leading away from Meteora's well-trodden tracks. "Oh yes, some of the Greek Islands!" I exclaimed, and before I could tell him where exactly, he had sighed in a way that signalled it was an…

View A Grecian Odyssey Part 1: Epirus and Meteora

Winter Sun-spiration

True 'Britishness' is surely defined by our love of discussing the weather and, in particular, why the sun isn't shining. It's no surprise then that studies continue to show that we Brits are increasingly suffering from a lack of Vitamin D. The answer? Escape to sunnier climes, of course.…

View Winter Sun-spiration

Christmas is Coming

Without trying to come over all Game Of Thrones; Winter is Coming... But luckily for you your dedicated UK & Irish experts have rounded up the best of the best for holidays over Christmas. Whether you are looking for an exclusive-use property to celebrate with your loved ones, a hotel…

View Christmas is Coming

Upcoming Small Group Tours with Original Travel

Calling all Culture Vultures - Join Amelia Stewart, founder of Simoon travel (part of the Original Travel family) and tour leader, to explore some of the most original corners of our diverse planet along with local experts and a group of like-minded and discerning individuals. Here are the…

View Upcoming Small Group Tours with Original Travel

Sensational Cities: Our Ultimate City Adventures

The word holiday often conjures up images of white sandy beaches, delicious fruity cocktails and a good holiday-read. However, here at Original Travel, we also pine for something a little more…dynamic. That is to say that we absolutely love a great city. Think culture, history and…

View Sensational Cities: Our Ultimate City Adventures

Hit The Road: Our Favourite Road Trips

"It's not the destination, it's the journey" - said every cheesy, road to redemption reality show presenter ever. But they might just be on to something, you know. When the journey involves switch-back turns through epic mountains, cruising along sweeping coastlines or trundling through…

View Hit The Road: Our Favourite Road Trips

The Inside Track: India

Why do I love India so much? From the rich historic culture to the huge geographical diversity - they have it all from the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains to the deserts in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It doesn't matter how many times you visit India, there is always something new to discover;…

View The Inside Track: India

Around Kenya in 16 Days...

This can be said of many countries but, in my humble opinion, few more so than Kenya - this is a country packed full of diverse landscapes, cultures, and amazing places to stay. I had just 16 days to explore as much of Kenya as possible - I had some serious ground to cover… and boy did I!

View Around Kenya in 16 Days...

Walking Tours

Enjoying a half day with an accredited guide is the perfect way to begin your holiday, wherever you are visiting. Wander through the local area and get your bearings as you explore quaint corners and undiscovered gems - learn how to 'live like a local' with fascinating tales and histories…

View Walking Tours

RT @OriginalDiving: Incredible video of a pod of #dolphins swimming from @OriginalDiving expert Louisa's #bucketlist trip to the #redsea #E…

4 hours ago

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Did you know that Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America? Photo by OT'er Dave on his current trip to…

7 hours ago

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We're excited to announce our first ever dedicated family brochure. We know that children of different ages require radically different holidays, that the journey can be every bit as important as the destination and that some destinations are the equivalent of fidget spinners (ie: a mere craze) while others are real long term winners. We're here to help you fly through perfecting the family holiday test with gold stars!

8 hours ago

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NEW FLIGHT ROUTE: From March 2018, our favourite airline British Airways will be flying directly from London Heathrow straight to the Seychelles, making British Airways the only airline offering a non-stop service from the UK. If there's ever an excuse to visit the Seychelles, one of the most ultimate luxury getaways with an archipelago of tiny green islands fringed with talcum white beaches and turquoise waters, this might just be it. Book your 2018 trip to the Seychelles with Original Travel now!

23 hours ago

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New Blog Post: A Grecian Odyssey Part Two: Island Hopping Greece is one of our absolute favourite European holidays; from its appetising Mediterranean waters and its white-wash buildings, to its local wines and fresh seafood - Greece has all the ingredients for the perfect European getaway... and it's still a mighty 30+ degrees! With 120 Grecian islands to choose from, find out which three Greek islands Original Travel's Europe expert, Molly, was lucky enough to enjoy this Summer...

1 day ago

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Dotted with volcanoes, blanketed by rainforests, and perched between glistening Pacific and Caribbean oceans, Costa Rica overflows with nature at its finest with 25% of the country protected by national parks or biological reserves. Enjoy diving and surfing in turquoise seas. Go zip-lining through rainforest canopies, canyoning and whitewater rafting down tropical rivers. See wildlife galore in untamed jungles (including everyone's favourite; the sloth!). From mountain adventures to sublime relaxation, your tropical Original Travel escape awaits in Costa Rica.

2 days ago

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We're loving Episode Three of Mountain: Life at the Extreme in the Andes, featuring some incredible footage of Chile's Torres Del Paine and the Andes' astonishing wildlife. Catch up on BBC iPlayer now.

2 days ago

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Unsure when the best time to visit your dream destination is? They say timing is everything. And no truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to planning the perfect holiday; our experts will advise you on the best time to visit your chosen destination, not just in terms of optimal weather but flight availability, avoiding the crowds and getting the most for your money.

3 days ago

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If its incredible natural beauty hasn't convinced you to visit Iceland yet, perhaps our suggested itineraries might. Whether it's diving in the Silfra ravine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Iceland's best kept secrets, or peeking into the craters of the Fimmvörðuháls volcanoes while trekking to their summits, our specialists are here to help you to create your bespoke Icelandic itinerary.

4 days ago

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Which of these amazing photos do you think deserves to win the Wildlife Photography of the Year award?

5 days ago

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We are hiring! We are excited to be recruiting a new Sales Consultant for our Africa Sales team. Our key requirement is someone who is passionate about, and experienced in travelling in, Africa. Please send your CV and covering letter to if you would like to apply.

6 days ago

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Here at Original Travel we always try to stay one step ahead of the game by finding unique and undiscovered places for you to stay. So, whether you're searching for an urban hideout, a remote island paradise or a secluded jungle retreat, we've selected our favourite Secret Hotels on the planet just for you.

6 days ago

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