Life is in the Detail

Life is in the Detail

The seasonally flooded plains of the Okavango Delta are home to some of the world's most endangered species including black rhino and African wild dog. Get planning now for your 2018 Botswana safari.

Issy - Original Traveller. The Okavango Delta & Beyond

Life is in the Detail

Delicious Banh Xeo are a Vietnamese speciality. These crispy pancakes are served sizzling and packed with prawns and pork; track down the top spot for Banh Xeo in Ho Chi Minh City on an evening food tour.

Frances - Original Traveller. Vietnam

Life is in the Detail

Visit the cascading Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Southern Iceland, which is fed by melting glacier water from the peak of Eyjafjallajökull volcano - she of 2010 Ash Cloud infamy.

Kate - Original Traveller. Iceland

Life is in the Detail

Get your insta-fix exploring the cobbled and colourful streets of Guatapé near Medellin, Colombia. The town walls are painted with all manner of weird and wonderful designs, from traditional pastoral scenes to dragons.

Oliver - Original Traveller. Colombia

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At Original Travel we believe that life is in the detail

There is a world of possibilities out there

Here are just a few trip ideas to get you started

Stockholm and an Arctic Adventure

Stockholm and an Arctic Adventure

For those short on time but big on experience, Sweden provides an epic Big Short Break. With just a four night trip, split your time between the achingly trendy capital of Stockholm, and an arctic retreat, where husky sledding, snowmobiling and reindeer are all on the menu.

Eastern Sri Lanka

Highlights of Sri Lanka

A perfect combination of culture, wildlife, beaches and some fantastic food, Sri Lanka has no fewer than seven World Heritage Sites, including ancient cities, temples and nature reserves. Miles of palm fringed beaches also make the perfect conclusion to a fascinating cultural tour.

Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

Something of a must for culture vultures, Iran – or Persia, as it was once known – is an eclectic feast for the senses, and this is the time to explore a country which is very much on the rise. Soak up the compelling history as you travel from one city of rare beauty to another across the striking landscapes, meeting locals eager to share their rich heritage.

Highlights of Oman

Highlights of Oman

One week beginning in Oman’s capital, Muscat, soaking up the city whilst lounging in luxury at The Chedi, before decamping to the desert for a combination of isolation and adventure. Finally, stay 2,000 metres above sea-level in the Al Hajar mountains, exploring Oman’s stunning landscape on foot, clambering over canyons and rocky outcrops, or visiting hidden cultural gems.

Sunset over Kerala

Introducing India

A two week trip for anyone who's never been to India. One of the most vibrant country's on Earth, India can conjure up a multitude of conflicting emotions during any stay. As a result it's not everybody's cup of chai, but those who fall for the subcontinent fall hard, and become lifelong devotees. This itinerary has been designed you give you a taster of both North and South India.

South Africa in Style

South Africa in Style

South Africa offers the chance to enjoy a huge variety of experiences without the need for too much internal travel. Minimise your time in airports and maximise it in destination as you combine city life, stunning vineyards, coastal retreats and safari in a two week trip.

A Family Road Trip on the West Coast

A Family Road Trip on the West Coast

A two week road trip in California. Road tripping with the kids might seem like a slightly daunting task, but travelling down the West Coast of California is packed to the rafters with activities, and scenery to make little jaws drop.

Java, Kalimantan & Lombok: Relics, Rainforest and Relaxation

Java, Kalimantan & Lombok: Relics, Rainforest and Relaxation

11 days exploring Java, Kalimantan & Lombok. This is one for the adventurers, who like their creatures, and their creature comforts. A combination of ancient temple sites, time to explore the rainforest of Borneo in search of orangutan, and stunning beaches, with great snorkelling and diving within reach.

Sunrise in the Tuscan countryside

The Treasures of Tuscany

A seven night exploration of Tuscany's outstanding natural beauty and iconic cities.

Reefs and Reserves of Tanzania

Reefs and Reserves of Tanzania

Explore the lesser visited Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania, sandwiched between two coastal retreats: a hidden gem on the mainland, and one of our favourite island escapes.

Swimming Pool at the Amanzoe

Luxurious Peloponnese

16 days in the Peloponnese. The birthplace of Greek legends such as Hercules and Paris of Troy, the Peloponnese region retains a mythological charm. Separated from the mainland by the Corinth Canal, the peninsula has been inhabited by a number of civilizations, and is scattered with Mycenean, Classical and Byzantine sites. Explore secluded coves, azure waters, vineyards, olive groves while relaxing in some of the countries best hotels.

Flowers in Oaxaca

Luxury Mexico: Cities, Civilisations and Caribbean Coast

A trip to savour the vibrant metropolis of Mexico City, the culture of Oaxaca and Chiapas and some relaxation on the Caribbean Coast offers one of the most culturally diverse experiences to be found in Mexico.

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How do you kill five hours in Rio if you don’t Samba?

The late Sir Roger Moore asked of a companion in the 1979 classic, Moonraker "How do you kill five hours in Rio if you don't Samba?", followed by suggestive pause and arching of eyebrow, naturally.

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Four Reasons to go to Namibia This Year

Namibia - home to the world's oldest desert, highest sand dunes, largest underground lake and the largest population of free roaming cheetahs and black rhinos. Namibia is also the second least densely populated country on earth (after Mongolia), with a population of 2.2 million and a size…

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Our Official Resolution Guide to 2018

The advent of a new year often brings with it dreams of transforming oneself into a fitter, healthier, more cultured, better organised and generally super-charged version of the previous year's self: new year, new you and all that jazz. But now that the New Year hangover has worn off and the…

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Where to Spot What on an African Safari

We all have our favourite animals, some are dog-lovers, some prefer cats and some (i.e. our Africa team) like cats and dogs of the much wilder kind.

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Beyond The Basque Country

I have no doubt that most of you will have already heard of San Sebastian and its notoriety amongst foodies as having countless Michelin Stars. I set off earlier this year to turn the region from a micro gastronomic adventure into a massive Basque journey through the whole of this north…

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Your Child's First Expedition: Borneo

Once your children have reached the slightly scary 'tweenage' years of 9-12 years old, you can start veering toward the ever more adventurous holidays, for instance, their first expedition. We think that Malaysian Borneo provides adventure-a-plenty for little explorers; this is the land of…

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A Winter Wonderland Escape (with not a ski in sight): Swedish Lapland

For me, nothing really beats the beach. Sea, boats, sunshine and all the things that you associate with summer are really what I dream of, especially in the winter months! At least that's what I believed until I visited Swedish Lapland - this magical place changed my mind about all of that.…

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Five Reasons to Visit Los Cabos in 2018

From hunter-gatherers to conquistadors, Jesuit missionaries and even pirates, Los Cabos has played host to a colourful array of people throughout its history, although these days you're more likely to bump into a Hollywood A-lister enjoying Spring Break in 'Cabo'. And while the region has a…

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The Big Five: What, Why and Where?

The Big Five… that classic safari term which every traveller knows. The majestic lion, the stoic elephant, the cumbersome rhino, the grumpy buffalo and the elusive leopard. But does anyone know why those particular five animals are what constitutes 'The Big Five'?

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When Can I... Taking Your Children on 'First' Holidays

At Original Travel, we completely understand (first-hand) that each and every family is unique and therefore has entirely unique holiday preferences. However, after years of experience (15 years to be exact) planning family holidays, we like to think that we've learnt a thing or two and are…

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Good Grief Tenerife! Overcoming Outdated Preconceptions

Getting a reputation for something you didn't do is unfair - I hope many of us would agree. In the same essence, reputations are often quick to catch and even harder to shake.

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Spring Break 2018: Destination Inspiration

Winter is here. The woolly hats are on, layering to Michelin-man proportions is back in fashion and we've all begun to ponder when it's legitimate to start scoffing mince pies. It's a magical time, we can all agree. So naturally we've decided to by-pass all that and look ahead to spring -…

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How do you kill five hours in Rio if you don't samba? Read our latest blog post to find out...

1 hour ago

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Quiz time: how many volcanic islands does the Galapagos Archipelago consist of? GO. #WednesdayWisdom

3 hours ago

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How do you kill five hours in Rio if you don't samba..? Read our latest blog post to find out:…

5 hours ago

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They may be adorable and the smallest of Africa's cats, however, with a 60% hunt-success rate, black-footed cats are the deadliest cats in the world. #BigCats

1 day ago

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We are hiring! We are excited to be recruiting a Sales Consultant for our European Sales team. Our key requirement is someone who is passionate about, and experienced in travelling in Europe. Knowledge of, and a willingness to learn about, worldwide destinations, is also a key requirement. This position is a very hands-on role and the successful candidate will be passionate about Europe, be highly organised, driven, be an excellent communicator, and clearly understand our customers’ needs. Applicants should send in their CV, covering letter and travel profile to

1 day ago

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Whilst in Memphis on a Deep South road trip, don't leave without visiting the National Civil Rights Museum which was once the motel where Martin Luther King Junior was tragically assassinated. #MLKDay

1 day ago

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Hiking in Cocora Valley National Park, Colombia

2 days ago

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Home to 4% of the planet’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is the teacher’s pet of the ecotourism class, and this pocket-sized country is a phenomenal 3G* (*three generational) holiday destination as a pristine tropical paradise for the whole family.

2 days ago

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Four reasons why you should add visiting Namibia to your bucket list this year...

3 days ago

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Start 2018 with a bang and book an explosive Easter weekend in Florence at the 'Explosion of the Cart' festivities this April. Get in touch with our Europe experts to start planning your personalised Italian getaway.

5 days ago

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Bologna is fast-becoming Italy's most-loved foodie-haven, especially thanks to the much-anticipated opening of Eataly's gastronomic theme park. Feast your senses on some of our hottest highlights not-to-miss in the region here...

6 days ago

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Mexico's Baja Peninsula is an excellent area to enjoy the Pacific Coast's larger marine life with activities such as whale watching and dolphin spotting in Los Cabos, and swimming with whale sharks in La Paz. For more detail (we love a bit of detail), get in touch with our Mexico specialists today.

6 days ago

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