Portugal is a friendly and welcoming place and you’ll have no problem slipping into the Portguese way of life, but here are some tips to ensure you have the best time possible.

Portugal is generally safe but you should be careful in Lisbon and Porto about pickpockets, just as you should be in all big cities.

If driving or getting taxis, there can be a lot of traffic in the cities but outside it’s much easier and the roads are clearer. Portugal is great for road trips as it has excellent highways connecting most major places. Motorways have toll fees and your rental car will most likely have an electronic tag installed so that you can pass through the tolls without having to pay cash. You just pay for the toll with your card via the rental company.

The evening meal here is the main meal of the day, and it’s usually eaten late, around 9pm. Usually some small appetisers are automatically placed on your table (such as pâté, sardines, olives etc) and if you eat them then you’ll be charged on your bill.

The nightlife in Lisbon continues late into the night, with most clubs and bars not evening opening until 10pm.

Avoid taking the trams in peak hours (around 6 to 10pm) if you can when they’re full of commuters. No. 28 between 18h and 20h, your pleasure would be spoiled by the crowd.

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Most museums are closed on Mondays.

Outside the big cities, it is sometimes difficult to use a credit card to pay, even a restaurant.

The best way to park your car in big cities, especially at night, is in private car parks. The cost in major cities is around 20/25 Euros the night.

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