Time Difference

Kyrgyzstan is five hours ahead of the UK (GMT) and does not observe daylight saving time.


The official currency is the som (KGS), which is divided into 100 tyiyn, and it’s important to note that US dollars are the easiest foreign currency to exchange at both banks and official exchange offices. Major hotels in Bishkek will usually accept credit cards, but Kyrgyzstan is predominantly a cash economy, which is worth bearing in mind before traveling, especially as ATMs are often hard to come by; Bishkek has plenty, but there are only few in Osh and Issyk-Kul. For a better exchange rate, it’s preferable to change larger bills and keep in mind that many counters won’t accept dirty or wrinkled notes.


Kyrgyzstan operates on 220 volts, 50Hz and European plugs with two circular metal pins are in use, meaning UK travellers will need to bring an adapter.

Shops and Amenities

Generally, merchants will operate Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.


There are several daily and weekly newspapers including Azattyk Unalgysy, Super Info and Vecherny Bishkek. As for television, Kyrgyzstan enjoys several television channels including Ala-Too 24, Madaniyat. Taryh. Til, Balastan and KTRK Sport and music.


Post offices are usually open from 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and are closed on Sundays.


To call the United Kingdom from Kyrgyzstan, dial: 00 - 44 - Area Code - Land Phone Number, or 00 - 44 - 10 Digit Mobile Number.

Internet and Mobile Coverage

Internet is accessible and free Wi-Fi is available in hotels and cafes in major tourist areas, with good coverage throughout the country. There are three GSM-based operators in Kyrgyzstan: Beeline (by Sky Mobile), MegaCom (by JSC Alpha Telecom) and O! (by Nur Telecom)


Kyrgyzstani som

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