Kyrgyzstan at a glance

Nature’s warm embrace hugs the landlocked haven of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, where wisps of mist snag on some of the tallest peaks in the world, the highest being Jengish Chokusu which stands at a staggering 24,400ft. Here, keen explorers can expect to see landscapes rife with looming mountains and clenched-fist ridges that punch their way along the horizon, as well as swooping jailoos (or summer pastures) which are home to yurt-living shepherds with a penchant for the semi-nomadic lifestyle. There’s even sun-kissed horse trails around Jyrgylan, the red sand shores of the never freezing lake Issyk-Köl (perfect for all things relaxation) and the snow cloaked trek to Ala-Kul, which offers a kaleidoscope of sapphire-tinged lakes and waterfalls that are prime for snapping.
Hikers, climbers and all-round adventure enthusiasts will find solace in this rural and high-altitude land, with the ever-changing seasons bringing with them a new wealth of activities. Whether it’s skiing your way down the snow powdered slopes or snaking your way through the dizzying array of bazaar sellers, there is something for all who journey here.
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