Jordan at a glance

Petra is best viewed in the early morning - the soft and yet powerful pinkish hue of 'The Treasury', which emerges from the narrow pass, sits atop many a bucket list. Next up, explore the red tones of Wadi Rum and its sand dunes. The Dead Sea is also a bucket list-worthy experience, especially its soothing mud baths. The city of Jerash is home to the imposing Greco-Roman ruins of Gerasa, which includes Hadrian's Arch (second century) and the Temple of Artemis. Further into the northern forests the desert landscapes gives way to soft greens in the Dibeen Forest Reserve, home to hyenas and grey wolves. Back to the desert hues of the east, visit the impressive castles of the desert: Qasr Kharana, Qusair Amra, Qasr al-Azraq - their colours blending into the surrounding rock.
In the capital Amman, the hectic bazaars are a great place to soak up the buzz and chaos of this country. Make use of our Jordan travel guide to plan your perfect trip.
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