Brazil at a glance

Plan your trip to Brazil. Consult our Brazil travel guide, check out all the things to do and see and build your itinerary. Choose where you would like to visit: the sugar loaf and Copacabana beach; the curved architecture of Niemayer in Brasilla; the churches of Minas Gerais; the animals of the Pantanal; the opera house of Manaus; the Northeast with the colourful streets of San Salvador and the pastel streets of São Luis; and the dunes of Jerricoacoara and Lençóis Maranhenses. Plus, of course, the galleries of São Paulo, the tranquillity of Paraty, or Iguaçu Falls to the south. But first and foremost, learn to enjoy the sensuality of Brazil. The heat of the sun; the smells of wet Amazonian grass; the beautiful beaches; the excitement of the crowd during a football match; the taste of cachaca; and the colours of the carnival.
Truly reflecting the heart and soul of Brazil.
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