With its lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere, Tijuca National Park is a haven for Rio de Janeiro's nature lovers. Located on the city's hills, it offers a welcome escape from the bustling streets below. Tijuca National Park was created by Emperor Dom Pedro II in 1861 to revive the forest around Rio de Janeiro. He ordered that all the plantations be destroyed, paving the way for a reforestation project that has transformed this area into one of Earth's largest urban forests. Today, the forested hills of the Tijuca National Park form a picturesque backdrop to the city. The park provides fresh water and over 7,
000 different species of plants and animals - including capybara, sloths, monkeys and snakes, as well as hundreds of bird species. Home to many beautiful hiking trails through its dense vegetation, as well as opportunities for exploration including visits to nearby waterfalls, rapids, monuments and breath-taking viewpoints. Christ the Redeemer, the most famous monument in Brazil and one of South America's greatest icons, stands proudly within the park overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Perched up high on Corcovado Mountain - accessible either by a snake-like train or hiking trail - its imposing stature is hard to ignore.

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Tijuca National Park Guide

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