If you're looking for a way to slow down and connect with nature, add in a boat ride on the Rio Negro to your Brazil itinerary. Appreciate the slowness and feel your body relax as you lean back into your hammock and glide along the calm waters. Immerse yourself in another world - full of indigenous culture, natural beauty and adventure - and experience what it's like to live up close with nature, eating freshly-caught food and feeling secluded from modern life. The Rio Negro (or ‘Black River’) is a labyrinth of jungle and riverways, where you can canoe through lily pad-filled rivers in search of
elusive pink dolphins or fish for piranhas (a surprisingly delicious delicacy). Find peace and solitude on the Rio Negro as you watch the sun set from your remote waterside lodge, and then as the starry skies come to life, venture out on a torchlight expedition into the jungle - you never know what might cross your path. Head to where the dark, glossy waters of the Rio Negro meet the coffee-coloured Solimoes River - known as the ‘Meeting of Waters’ – where you can watch these two rivers flow side by side, as the temperature difference means the waters do not merge, creating an astonishing natural spectacle.

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Rio Negro Guide

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