Time Difference

Barbados is five hours behind London (GMT).


Barbados uses the Barbadian dollar (BBD). The US dollar is readily accepted by most businesses on the island too. US coins are less accepted so if you are planning on using them, it is best to carry smaller denominations.


The standard voltage is 115 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Power plugs and sockets are Type A and B. We recommend bringing adapters and voltage converters for all of your devices.

Shops and Amenities

As a general rule, merchants open from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Saturday. A few shops open on Sundays. Grocery stores are generally open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm and on Sunday from 9am to noon.


There are two daily newspaper print publications in Barbados, The Barbados Advocate and the Daily Nation. There are also a number of radio stations on both AM and FM bands, which cover a range of topics and music. International networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC and FOX are available too.


Post via the Barbados Postal Service to the UK will take approximately ten to 11 days for economy. To send a parcel to Barbados, it will take approximately five to nine days with Parcel Force global value.


To call the United Kingdom from Barbados, dial: 011 - 44 - area code – and a landline number or 011 - 44 – plus a mobile number. To make a call from the UK to Barbados, dial: +1 246 – and a landline number.

Internet and Mobile Coverage

Barbados has two mobile operators offering prepaid services: Digicel Barbados and Flow Barbados. Internet access is readily available across the island, but more so along the west and south coasts where the majority of the country’s population reside.

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