Blue skies and blonde beaches tend to dominate postcards and photographs of Barbados. And while this might make you think that the weather is idyllic year-round, the country is actually susceptible to a wet season from July to November. In general, the best time to visit Barbados is between January and April, when these showers calm down and the weather is on its best behaviour. You’ll find the sunshine out in full force, those postcard-worthy blue skies, and balmy temperatures around 29°C. This is good news for us Brits – with Barbados’ dry season falling during our winter, it’s the perfect winter sun destination.


Spring is up there as one of the best times to visit Barbados, thanks to the minimal rainfall, low humidity and toasty temperatures (between 29 and 30 °C). March and April fit the bill completely when it comes to this pleasant climate, but come May – shoulder season – the amount of rainfall does begin to increase and wind speed picks up.


While June is on the cusp of the wet and dry seasons, July sees increasing rainfall and strong winds. As summer progresses, the humidity also rises and reaches its peak in August (roughly 81%). Temperatures remain around 30°C, although if you’re not a fan of periodic showers (there’s about an hour of rainfall everyday), it’s probably best to avoid this time of year. Hurricanes are a rare occurrence in Barbados, yet this is the most likely season for them to happen; be sure to check weather warnings before booking any Barbados summer holidays.


The wet season continues into autumn in Barbados, with the most rainfall occurring in October. September and October also see the least amount of daily sunshine and again, it’s worth checking weather warnings in the event of hurricanes during this period. Towards the end of the season in November, rainfall does begin to dip and the sun emerges once more; the dry season is on the horizon.


Winter rivals spring as the best time to visit Barbados. With up to nine hours of glorious sunshine, temperatures in the late 20s and 30s and the least rainfall of any season, it’s the crown jewel of Barbados’ calendar. The humidity also drops to about 75% during the winter months, creating the ideal conditions for beach-bound days and underwater exploration.

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