Antigua is a Caribbean haven known for its dramatic coastlines, punctuated by mountains, hidden coves and enamel-blue phosphorescent waters - it’s easy to see why so many long for an Antiguan escape. Sunseekers can relax and completely unwind on the sheltered bays, which provide the solitude and refuge needed. If you can tear yourself away from the blissful beachside lounging, you’ll soon discover the wealth of things to do in Antigua, with plenty of historic fort exploring, stingray snorkelling, rainforest hiking and more. One thing is for certain - this quintessentially Caribbean Island is sure to capture the hearts of those that journey here, with its rainbow-coloured villages, hospitable warmth and enigmatic locals, welcoming all with open arms and rum-filled glasses.

Swim Alongside Stingrays

When it comes to things to do in Antigua, swimming with stingrays is certainly top of the bucket list. Especially when the warm waters lapping the Antiguan shores are teeming with the impressive southern stingray and other marine life. Able to grow to a whopping five feet, those looking to get up close and personal can head out to the aptly named Stingray City. This shallow water location is a short boat ride away from the mainland and has become a hub for all things ‘rays. They remain wild but are comfortable with human contact and you can even feed them shrimp from your hand.

Learn About Antigua’s History

A trip to the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, found in the former St. John’s Courthouse, offers curious tourists the chance to delve into Antigua’s fascinating history. There are indigenous artifacts, with basketry and pottery examples, as well as information covering the island’s history of slavery and sugar plantations. Afterwards, be sure to continue the historical experience with a walk-through Fort Berkeley, a prime peninsula lookout originally built to protect the harbour at Nelson’s Dockyard. Now in ruins, it remains as poignant as ever, with a lone cannon and defensive wall structure standing in its shadows. From here head onwards for a mile towards Pigeon Point, the perfect spot for swimming and sunset chasing.

Experience Rainforest Hiking

Journey inland as you leave the dramatic coastline behind and experience what feels like a completely different island. The white sand shores and blue-hued waters are replaced with forest greens and shadowy spots, as the vegetation-thick rainforest reveals itself. It makes for an incredible hiking experience, with many favouring the Wallings Nature Reserve for gentle strolls, well-marked trails, plenty of fauna and flora and guided jungle tours. This is the perfect way to discover a new part of this captivating island, but if hiking's not your thing you can always opt for a zipline through the landscape. The Antigua Rainforest Zipline Tours are another excellent way to see the rainforest canopy, with a bird's eye view – although this one might be for the more adventurous.

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