Antigua and Barbuda at a glance

If you were charged with designing a Caribbean island from scratch, it might look a lot like Antigua. With its white sand beaches and seas of celestial hues, the island comes close to paradise, with – supposedly – a beach for every day of the year. Some of those beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, leading into clear waters well worth a snorkel. In places the local stingray population is so used to humans they will even let themselves be stroked. Away from the beaches, throw in a few reminders of the island’s British colonial heritage, tropical forests to explore and a thriving sailing culture that culminates in the world famous Antigua Sailing Week regatta, and you’ll soon see that Antigua is a Caribbean cracker.
Go in summer to coincide with carnival and the air is electric with music and an infectious sense of fun while the streets are adorned with vividly coloured decorations. It is the perfect time to enjoy Creole culture, set to the rhythm of steelbands. Your Antigua travel guide can help you unlock this island idyll.

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