Why Visit Sweden?

Why Visit Sweden?

Stunning Sweden is quite literally a breath of fresh air. When it comes to natural beauty and the opportunity to indulge in outdoor pursuits this Nordic nation is hard to beat. With clearly defined seasons, you can book that bucket-list winter break, or visit in summer when the country transforms into a haven for wild swimming, hiking and fishing. City lovers are in for a treat too as the country also offers plenty of impressive architecture, heaps of culture and urban grit. Why visit Sweden ? While there are endless reasons, we’ve focused on six of its alluring assets.


The Cities are Superb

Sweden’s capital is one of the most picturesque cities in the world and no list of reasons to visit this amazing country would be complete without singing Stockholm’s praises. Gamla Stan, the beautiful Old Town, is impossibly charming and full of amazing architecture such as the Royal Palace, the Opera House and historic Storkyrkan cathedral. When the weather’s good, a day trip around the stunning archipelago delivers a healthy dose of serotonin. Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, is another urban gem. Sitting on the west coast, it boasts a vibrant cultural scene, pristine nature and trendsetting foodie hotspots. The museums here are second to none and most of the sights are within walking distance, making this dynamic destination a top choice for an exciting city break. Set by iconic Öresund Bridge, Malmö is the place to go for vintage charm. The Old Town’s cobbled squares are home to open-air bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as buildings dating back to the early 14th century. For a futuristic fix, marvel at the Turning Torso skyscraper and Moderna Museet Malmö’s striking red steel façade.


The Scenery is Stunning

When it comes to the great outdoors, the answer to the question ‘why visit Sweden?’ is very simple: Sweden is one of the world’s best destinations for nature lovers. About 60% of the territory is covered by forests, and the country is home to more than 260,000 islands – some 30,000 of which are in the Stockholm archipelago – and over 100,000 lakes. It’s the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts and you’ll have the chance to cycle through nature trails, swim in majestic fjords, ski down powdery slopes, and enjoy invigorating coastal walks.

Sweden is the Ultimate Winter Wonderland…

Why visit Sweden in winter? Winter breaks don’t come dreamier. The northernmost region of Swedish Lapland offers pristine scenery, frozen lakes and snow-covered forests. Here, you can traverse the Arctic Circle, visit the iconic Ice Hotel, feed reindeer, and try snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Dog sledding – known as mushing – is one of the most magical things to do in winter and we can arrange guided tours of the white wilderness. And don’t forget to look up, as the clear night skies and lack of light pollution bode well for aurora sightings. Sweden’s winter markets also take some beating. From November, Christmas markets pop up in cities and towns across the country, drawing visitors from around the world. Taking place in February, Jokkmokk’s centuries-old winter market sells everything from bearskins to candlesticks, and if you stick around long enough you can catch one of the reindeer races across the frozen Talvatissjon lake.


…And a Picture-Perfect Summer Playground

Sweden may be a frozen fantasy, but it’s no slouch when the sun shines. Blessed with white sandy beaches, idyllic islands and clear waters, it’s an excellent destination once the temperatures warm up. Marstrand is the country’s sailing capital while Gotland Island buzzes during the summer season, with a distinctly youthful feel that’s fun and lively. Lapland also makes for a great summer getaway, not least due to the phenomenon of the ‘midnight sun’, when – from late May to mid-July - the sun never sets, and the region’s Abisko National Park becomes a haven for outdoor pursuits such as fishing, swimming and sailing.


Sweden Has a Rich History 

Sweden’s story is long and fascinating. Get to grips with the country’s Viking past by exploring the walled city of Visby, or by visiting Birka on the island of Björkö. Culture vultures can also take a tour of Kalmar Slott, one of Sweden’s finest castles. Beautifully set on its own island just south of Stadsparken, it’s straight out of a storybook, boasting turrets, a moat and drawbridge, and a dungeon. More humble but no less significant, Gammelstad’s timber cottages lie a few miles north of Lulea and are one of the country’s foremost sites of historical interest. Further north, Lapland highlights such as Jokkmokk and Fatmomakke village are monuments to Sweden’s thriving indigenous population. And if you head to Gasa, west of Arvidsjaur, you’ll find the the Båtsuoj Sámi Center, which is an interesting, enriching and authentic place to get to grips with the everyday life of the Sámi and meet the resident reindeers.


The Food is Fantastic

Sweden’s thriving food scene is another great reason to pay the country a visit. There are Michelin-starred restaurants aplenty, alongside rustic coastal eateries serving simple but sublimely fresh seafood. And be sure to indulge in the charming coffee break ritual of fika in between the sightseeing. Don’t miss Sweden’s famous smörgåsbord either. It’s the perfect way to sample the excellent local cuisine and you’ll find these platters of small warm and cold dishes in larger restaurants and in hotels. Expect herring — the emblematic Swedish fish — to feature, be it pickled, smoked, or fried.