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Which Type of Traveller Are You? When to Travel for 2021 and Beyond

Which Type of Traveller Are You? When to Travel for 2021 and Beyond

It's fair to say the recently unveiled Green List of destinations was a little... underwhelming, but it prompted an Original Travel team conversation about how we all intend to travel in the coming months and years. This spontaneous straw poll revealed there to be three very distinct types of travel mindset within the team about when to travel, much in line with the results from our client survey a few months ago. The question is, which timescale traveller are you?


The Stir Crazy Explorers

To the Stir Crazy Explorer the international travel ban has felt like a prison sentence, and they are counting down the seconds until May 17th and the resumption of travel. The very restricted Green List is no deterrent, because they know that by the time summer comes around most of Europe will have moved from Amber to Green so, really, what are we waiting for?

Founder Tom Barber fits firmly into this camp. 'I've spent the last few months constantly checking updates on countries' vaccination numbers and infection rates, and trying to decipher the mixed messages coming out from the Government. Fortunately, it sounds like we made the right prediction when booking for Portugal months ago, and we're also planning a trip to France, which I very much expect to move from Amber to Green before the school summer holidays.'


The Wait & Seers

'Wait for the dust to settle' is the watchword for the Wait & Seers. They'd rather have more certainty before making any plans, so their focus is firmly on Autumn. That works nicely for families thanks to the growing trend for schools to have a two-week October half-term, making it a superb opportunity for a proper family adventure. Meanwhile, September is the sweet spot for couples who want a late summer sunny getaway safe in the knowledge their romantic sojourn won't be disturbed by children.

Our Head of Africa Isabel de Galleani is flying the flag for family Autumn.

'We're planning a family trip to Morocco, starting in Marrakech for souq shopping, cookery classes and lovely family-friendly hotels with big pools and kids' clubs. Then a night in the desert for camel riding and stargazing, and finally a few days exploring the Atlas Mountains for long walks accompanied by cute donkeys who carry our stuff. All this just a 3.5-hour flight from London and with lovely weather in October.'


'The Plan Long Term, Plan Big' Brigade

To the 'Plan Long Term, Plan Big' brigade, patience is a virtue and 2022 is the target. They will certainly try and get away later this year if things look positive, but really, it's about meticulous planning and making sure that 2022 sees them tick off at least one big ticket item from their bucket list.

Oliver Rodwell, our Head of Americas is one of the team thinking well ahead. 'Latin America is big on bucket list experiences with the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu and Patagonia just a few of the jaw-dropping destinations on offer. I'm fortunate to have visited all three but next year I'm planning a trip to Guatemala to climb volcanoes and camp in the Mayan ruins at Uaxactun.'

Head of Asia Jacqui Brooks is also looking to return to her beloved continent because 'in early 2022, when the UK winter is in full swing, much of Southeast Asia is basking in sunshine. A word of warning, some of Asia's finest destinations are already filling up fast for next year - such as boutique beach retreats in Sri Lanka - and lodge rooms throughout Bhutan are in high demand for the prime spring trekking season already.'