Use it or Lose it

Use it or Lose it

It's that time of year again: the time when you realise that Christmas is just 78 short days away but you haven't actually managed to take all of your annual holiday allowance. Something must be done (hint: that's where we come in). Surveys keep coming out claiming that us Brits remain stubbornly resistant to taking our full holiday allowances. The double whammy is that we get fewer days than most of our Euro-chums and yet still take, on average, only 77% of our entitled leave. So we're giving you an ultimatum: use it or lose it. And if you do use it, we've very handily come up with some destination inspiration...


Five Days Left: Oman

With just five days of your holiday allowance and a weekend, you can explore the highlights of Oman - the hustle and bustle of Muscat, a desert adventure in Wahiba Sands and the sunshine, relaxation and stunning views of the Hajar Mountains.


Four Days Left: Cape Town & the Winelands, South Africa

With an overnight flight and minimal time difference, Cape Town and the Winelands are perfect for a short but far-flung break. Cape Town has got to have one of the most aesthetically blessed settings of any city on the planet and is home to historic districts, beautiful beaches and a resurgent foodie scene. Meanwhile the Winelands conjure images of scenic rolling hills, quaint boutique hotels and grapey stuff aplenty.


Three Days Left: Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is one of our very favourite city break destinations and perfect for an autumn/winter getaway when the blistering heat of the summer months is a distant memory. Relax in the chic surroundings of a riad, indulge in some local delicacies (the pigeon pastillas come highly recommended) and get your haggling hat on and head for some retail therapy in the sprawling souq.


Two Days Left: Iceland

Iceland isn't a destination for passive sight-seeing, it's all about action and adventure here. Take two days of holiday, combine with a weekend and enjoy a trip jam-packed with snowmobiling, super jeep touring and hiking, ending with a long soak in the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon so you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after all that activity.


One Day Left: Rome, Italy

Incredible architecture, myriad historical sites, sprawling piazzas and some of the best food in the world - Rome is a seriously strong contender for the planet's greatest city. Spend a long weekend exploring the classics, from St Peter's Basilica to the Colosseum, or simply relax with an aperitif at one of Rome's legendary cafes and watch the world go by.