Destination Inspiration for Adventure Holidays in 2020

Destination Inspiration for Adventure Holidays in 2020

Does the idea of lying on a beach reading a book fill you with horror? If so, read on for four more adventurous alternatives to a 'fly and flop' holiday.



It doesn't get much more adventurous than exploring the only continent on Earth with no permanent residents. Even better, gone are the days of vast cruise ships; now it's all about small research vessels converted to expedition cruisers, or staying on the white continent itself and even - for the truly intrepid - skiing the last nautical degree to the South Pole. We can also arrange plan transfers straight to Antarctica so you avoid the long Drake Passage crossing.



The seemingly limitless expanse of vast open steppe makes Mongolia tailor-made for adventure. We know the best private ger (circular felt tent) camps for authentic immersion into the lives of nomadic herders, to observe their routines and hear their stories. One such camp, Mandala Mongolia, moves locations with the seasons and has handcrafted en suite gers and comfortable big beds ensconced in crisp linen. Early evenings are spent enjoying sundowners in the quiet of the steppe before dinner by a roaring fire.



In the middle of Iceland's Peninsula sits Deplar Farm, a luxury lodge masquerading as a big kid's adventure playground. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers, the wilderness of northern Iceland is right on the lodge's doorstep and waiting to be explored. Highly adventurous excursions are planned twice daily and always led by an expert guide - think heli-skiing in May, surfing (in very thick wetsuits), off-road exploration in customised Sno-Cats and fly fishing on one of Iceland's finest salmon rivers come summer.


New Zealand

It might be small, but picturesque Queenstown has earned its title as 'adventure capital of the world'. With panoramic paragliding, the world's most famous bungy jump, white water rafting, jet boating and heli-skiing all on offer, it's little wonder adrenaline junkies have been making the pilgrimage here for years. For an alternative take on New Zealand adventure, head to Taupo and hike the one-day Tongariro Alpine Crossing, where you'll enjoy stunning alpine scenery including the infamous Mount Ngauruhoe (aka: 'Mount Doom').