Best Things To Do in Madeira

Best Things To Do in Madeira

Oxymoron ahoy. Extreme sports in Madeira.


Best things to do in Madeira

Who said Madeira was boring? No longer does this Atlantic outpost of Portugal warrant the sobriquet 'God's waiting room' on account of the seniority of many visitors. On the contrary, there are groovy hotels opening at a rate of knots, and if you want to try a novel form of transport, how about Carro de Cesto, one of the best things to do in Madeira.


Not for those with pacemakers...

From the capital Funchal, take the cable-car to the hilltop town of Monte (which is well worth exploration in its own right), and then ride back down the steep streets in a carro de cesto, a sort of wicker toboggan. The three mile route to the bottom, is aided by two carreiros, dressed in white, who pull the toboggan using ropes to gain momentum, then shift to the back of the sledge to steer you all the way down. You should get up to quite a lick on the 20 minutes ride, and while it's not guaranteed to turn your hair white, it's a great sensation.