Adventure Trips at your Fingertips

Adventure Trips at your Fingertips

Are you a thrillseeking type in need of a September pick-me-up? Look no further. Luxury travel has never been so adrenaline filled...


Jeep Safari around the Golden Circle, Iceland

Iceland's a great all-year round destination, offering geothermal springs, sights like the Golden Waterfall and several glaciers that feel as though they may as well have been tailor-made for snowmobile safaris - all of which will get your heart pumping.


Learn to Dive in Gozo

Gozo's got warm water, it's close to the UK, and has top notch visibility, so you'll easily spot the marine life.


Walking in the Atlas Mountains

Just a three hour flight and a 45 minute drive takes you to the beautiful Atlas Mountains. There are lovely Kasbah hotels, and for those who want a challenge, we can arrange an ascent of Jebel Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak - a challenging but non-technical (and thoroughly rewarding) climb.


Sea kayaking in Croatia

Croatia is best explored on water, with over 1,000 islands dotting the nation's Adriatic coastline, and calm beautifully clear waters to paddle in. In September, the water will also be deliciously warm, so you can park up in a deserted cove and dive in before enjoying a delicious fresh fish lunch at a local restaurant. Bliss.


Surfing at Monte Velho, Portugal

Portugal is quite simply one of the best places in Europe to learn to surf. There are excellent instructors, the waves are all but guaranteed, and Amado Beach is a wonderfully shallow beach break, so there's no danger of being dumped on to a reef. Even better, the water is at its warmest in September.