An agreeable year-round climate allows travellers to walk along the Easter Island coastline and visit the numerous 'ahus' that contain the gigantic 'moai' head statues. Who made these stone sculptures, and when, remains an unsolved mystery, but it is presumed that the island was inhabited from the beginning of the first centuries AD and that the moais are several hundreds of years old.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • It is mind-blowingly fascinating being on this tiny speck of land in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by enormous stone heads. How and why are they there? You'd better take a trip and find out...
  • There are lots of ways to explore the island, but an OT favourite is via quad bike

Easter Island Holidays: the Detail

To give you an idea of just how isolated Easter Island is, Santiago is a five-hour flight away, and the nearest inhabited island is Pitcairn, 1,200 miles to the North West. This might help explain why the islanders, of Polynesian descent, are so independent - they believe themselves to be Rapa Nui people with little or no connection to Chile.

It is known that numerous tribes lived on the island, during this time they fought amongst themselves, destroying the environment. It is not known why these giant 'Moai' sculptures were made and then why the majority were destroyed.

The island was given its name by the first recorded European to visit; a Dutch navigator who arrived on Easter Sunday, 1722. Although the pleasant climate means the island has visitors all year round, we believe the best time for an Easter Island holiday is during February and March, to coincide with the Tapati Festival. You can explore this mysterious island in the company of an expert guide and treks range from the easy to the moderately difficult, and are combined with picnic meals on the rocks of the seashore.

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