Pantanal Tours: an Overview

In the centre of South America lies the largest inland delta in the world, the Pantanal, or flooded outback, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso.

Today, life in the Pantanal follows a yearly cycle of rising and falling waters, dictated by the rains and the course of the great Paraguay River and its many meandering tributaries.

The Pantanal is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and there are some great tours out there. The diversity of vegetation, the rich soil and the abundance of water attract and sustain an enormous variety of wildlife. Most of the wildlife is also encountered in other parts of Brazil, but nowhere are they as easily seen as in the Pantanal, even in comparison to the Amazon.

Among the fauna of the Pantanal, as well as over 650 species of bird, you can see crocodiles, piranhas, giant anteaters, blue hyacinth macaws, cougars, capybaras, toucans, monkeys, giant river otters, anacondas, iguanas and much more.

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Jaguar Lurking
If You Do Three Things
A Jaguar Safari

Venture through the Pantanal, a sprawling wilderness of beguiling flora and fauna to spot capybaras, howler monkeys and tapirs, as well as the elusive jaguar, the region's most sought-after creature. Scour the riverbanks on a boat to spot them in the wild, with picnic in tow so you don't miss a thing. Expert guides will help you identify their majestic bodies and take you to prime viewing spots.

Sucuri River
If You Do Three Things
Snorkelling the Sucuri River

For a spot of off-beat snorkelling, try swimming in the Sucuri River, considered a natural aquarium. After a brief hike through lush native forest, you'll arrive at the headwaters where you'll sport a mask and flippers to drift along 1,800m of intense blue crystal-clear water, floating over subaquatic gardens and shoals of piraputangas, pacus and golden dorado.

Cowboy and Horses
If You Do Three Things
Horse Riding in the Pantanal

Take a quiet ride through the Pantanal's marshland accompanied by a gaucho (South American cowboy). Roam through the wide savannahs, lagoons and winding rivers that make up the largest freshwater wetland in the world. As you ride, you'll see exotic animals such as anteaters, capybaras or even the endangered blue hyacinth macaw. Later you could try herding Pantanal cattle with the cowboys.

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A Note on Price

Brazil is the most expensive country in South America to visit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t represent great value for money – but it’s still one of our absolute favourites. A two week itinerary starts from £3,500 per person including flights – but if you’re hoping to cover a lot of ground, expect to pay a lot more.

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