Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Holidays: an Overview

With the airport at Manaus a four hour flight from Rio, this is a deeply isolated region, and all the more fascinating because of it.

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  • The Amazon rainforest needs no introduction, but Manaus shouldn't be overlooked en route - for starters its Renaissance styled Opera House, built during the Belle Epoque, is a historical landmark and well worth a visit. Visitors also shouldn't miss the natural phenomenon of the "meeting of the waters" where the dark coloured water of the Rio Negro merges with the sandy coloured waters of the Amazon River or Rio Solimões - about an hour outside the city.

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Spend part of your holiday staying in an eco lodge and see the largest equatorial forest in the world with its dense vegetation and unrivalled biodiversity. Witness the spectacular meeting point of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes to form the mighty Amazon River. While the Amazon is the world's largest forest it is also a surprise to many that the area contains interesting historic towns and even archaeological sites - Manaus' beautiful opera house is just one such unexpected discovery.

While wildlife-spotting is clearly the main draw, other options include visits to local indigenous villages, treks into the jungle - including a night spent out in it - and kayaking and piranha fishing trips.

Original Travel likes to consider the Amazon as a year-round destination. During the rainy season, when the rivers are high, it is possible to get much further up the smaller tributaries on excursions that allow you to penetrate deeper into the jungle.

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