Whale watching is an amazing activity to do while journeying the Californian Central Coast. The Big Sur is definitely one of those special places in the world to experience the breathtaking beauty of these large aquatic mammals year- round.

The most commonly seen whale along the coast of the Big Sur is the Gray whale. Twice a year they pass by the Big Sur on their journey to the feeding and calving grounds in Mexico between December and early February and migrate back to the feeding grounds in the Bering Sea off Alaska in the beginning of February. This is probably the best time for a viewing because they swim really slowly and close to the coastline to protect their young calves from white shark attacks. Watching the whales going south you will get an amazing view of their spouts going off one after another in the ocean. You can enjoy this once- in- a- lifetime experience from the many highway turnouts, cafes or restaurants along the Big Sur, but don't forget to bring your binoculars.

Blue and Humpback Whales can also be seen in season. The Blue Whale appears in along the Big Sur from June through to October and the Humpback can be seen in Monterey Bay area from April to early December. Monterey Bay is probably the best spot for boat whale watching to get an even closer view of these beautiful whale species. On-board marine biologists will feed you with information about the marine wildlife off the coast.

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