Itinerary Highlights
    • Easter or October half-term break, L.A., Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, a great family trip

    • Los Angeles with a guide, Universal Studios, Zion trekking, Monument Valley in a 4x4: we've got it all covered.

    • Land in Phoenix at the end of the journey: guaranteed sun and relaxing swimming pools

    • 4x4, access to our clued-up local Concierge, all our usual additional services to make this a stress-free family holiday exploring the American West

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There's a direct flight, a 4x4 upon arrival and our local Concierge services. Embark on a whistle-stop tour of the American West, helpfully timed to perfection with half term dates, which means no throngs of summer crowds. Visit supersized Los Angeles, where Sunset Boulevard is more than 22 miles long and its ocean and sandy beaches are never-ending. And Las Vegas, with its garish architecture, thousands of neon lights and chaotic Strip. The trip starts out big! The trip continues in the same vein, this time into the heart of supersized nature. Zion, far from the city and bright lights, is a 2,640ft deep canyon carved in the rock.
The river fills the bottom of the canyon in many spots, so get your feet wet and explore. Next stop is magnificent Bryce Canyon and its stunning scenery of red earth, arches and ridges that huddle together like a petrified army. In fact the Paiute people believed these rock formations were people whom angry gods had turned into stone. Then, head to Lake Powell, a petrol blue ocean in the heart of a mineral desert. Monument Valley is the American West's ultimate iconic landmark, and is world-famous for John Ford's epic Stagecoach movie. The seemingly endless horizon here contains the full colour palette of the classic western movies of yesteryear. Then, head to the Grand Canyon. This huge fault, 277 miles long and in places up to 18 miles wide and shaped by the Colorado River, might just be the most impressive natural phenomenon on Earth. The trip gently ends under the Phoenix sun, amid an oasis of golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools in the middle of the desert.

Logistics - Drive to Los Angeles from Hollywood Boulevard to Downtown L.A. with a guide, before meeting Marilyn and the Marx Brothers at Universal Studios. Take in the bright lights of Vegas from the top of the tallest observation wheel in the world. In the Zion National Park, go trekking in the Narrows and the Virgin River. Still on foot, discover Antelope Canyon, a world of fascinating beauty and the most photographed site in the American West. In Monument Valley, take a private 4x4 tour with a guide to areas that aren't accessible to the general public, and admire the most spectacular views. And along the way, why not add more exciting experiences to your itinerary: a surf lesson in Malibu, riding (this is cowboy country, after all) or a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon... And for any last-minute requests, just call our local Concierge for support and advice.


Eat the ultimate burger in a diner. Roar with laughter at Universal Studios. Look for their favourite celebrities on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pass Harley-Davidson riders. Listen to country songs on American radio. Stay in motels straight out of the movies, with a parking spot right in front of your room and a swimming pool. Try to stay upright on water skis at Lake Powell. Watch for deer and squirrels at the Grand Canyon. Meet Native Americans from the Navajos and Dakota Sioux tribes in Monument Valley. Spend a night in the hotel where John Ford and John Wayne stayed when filming 'The Searchers' and even try John Wayne's favourite dish: roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. Watch a movie while relaxing in a swimming pool in Phoenix...


Everything is 100% tailored to you

Fly to Los Angeles

Collect the hire car and spend three nights in a motel-style hotel with a fun design and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

DAYS 2 & 3

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a total clash of cultures where everything is supersized and a car is a must. Greater Los Angeles stretches for over 60 miles of sandy beaches. The city's beauty lies in its prime location: The city lies on a coastal plain at the base of hills. To the west is Hollywood, and Hollywood Boulevard runs through these hills and Beverly Hills. think sparkling waters and never-ending beaches bathed in glorious sunshine. On the itinerary - Discover L.A. with your guide an artist, who has lived in L.A for years. Together, discover UCLA, the famous university, Hollywood Boulevard, film stars' houses, and Downtown L.A., which has become the city's new beating heart thanks to the arrival of artists and designers who have taken over the old warehouses. The next day, head to Universal Studios, Hollywood's most famous film lot. The original film studios date back to 1915 and are still used for movies and TV shows today but are also now a theme park: a must for any family trip. The rides inspired by the big American blockbusters, from 'King Kong' to 'Jaws', are spectacular. And, if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a show being filmed. Optional - Surfing lesson in Malibu.


Los Angeles - Las Vegas

There's only one road for travelling between these two iconic locations. It takes about five hours, with Barstow on the legendary Route 66 or the ghost town of Calico as possible pit stops. See who is first to spot the first casinos and neon lights as they appear on the horizon after driving through the Mojave desert. Spend two nights in a hotel in the north of the Strip, featuring a pirates and Treasure Island theme in an urban, trendy style.


Las Vegas

and get in on the game. Roll the dice or walk the city's famous Strip, checking out the array of themed hotels and casinos along with the eclectic mix of people while soaking up the contradiction of elegance and eccentricity that makes Vegas a one off. Included in the itinerary - Tickets for the Las Vegas observation wheel, the largest in the world. It overlooks the city from a height of 550ft and offers the best views of the Strip from one of its 28 air-conditioned capsules, each taking up to 40 people. Optional - Tickets for a Cirque du Soleil or other performance.


Las Vegas - Zion

Take the desert road to Mount Carmel, at the entrance to Zion National Park (three hours). Worth a visit, en route - At the entrance to St. George, Snow Canyon State Park offers stunning scenery: black expanses of lava flows make it a truly striking sight to behold. Spend two nights in a comfortable hotel: the wooden bungalows are located in a luscious green prairie, contrasting beautifully with the surrounding ochre rock.


Zion National Park

Zion, famous for its deep canyons dug by the Virgin River and its tributaries, is a leafy national park and home to imposing mountains, sandstone cliffs, narrow canyons, maple and poplar forests and rock arches soaring to the sky. In the itinerary - Trekking in the Narrows, one of the narrowest parts of the Virgin River - a real adventure.


Zion - Bryce Canyon - Page (Lake Powell)

Follow the scenic road that winds between the rocks and seems to undulate under the cliffs towards Bryce Canyon National Park, where the hundreds of flamboyant fairy chimneys are an impressive sight. Continue to Page and spend a night in a comfortable hotel opposite Lake Powell, the largest artificial lake in the United States. The lake is 186 miles long, has 96 canyons and 1,960 miles of coastline, and is one of the American West's most iconic sights.


Lake Powell - Monument Valley

Road to Monument Valley (approx. three hours) via Hopi and Navajo Indian Reserves. Drive and take in the orange monoliths and buttes in the distance in a scene that's straight out of the westerns of our childhoods. 'Stagecoach', directed by John Ford, was in part responsible for turning this into arguably the most iconic national park in the American West. In the 22nd minute of 'Stagecoach', a stagecoach pulled by six horses is galloping through a desert valley, raising clouds of dust that blind the cavalry escorting it, while, off camera and behind the monoliths, Geronimo and his men prepare an attack. Spend a night in one of the park's only hotels, a former bar established in the 1920s and featured in numerous westerns, and for good reason: its first owner, Harry Goulding, attracted guests to this desert corner and introduced John Ford to Monument Valley. In 1939, John Ford released 'Stagecoach' starring John Wayne. In the itinerary - Go trekking in Antelope Canyon, a narrow gorge carved by erosion, and explore the beautiful undulating curves. The most photographed sight in the American West and a world of fascinating beauty. In the afternoon, explore Monument Valley in a 4x4 with a private guide, and visit areas that aren't accessible to the general public for the most spectacular views.

DAY 10

Monument Valley - Grand Canyon

Head to the Grand Canyon, one of Planet Earth's most impressive geological phenomena. Explore the 227-mile long and 18-mile wide fault on foot – a glass walkway means visitors can experience the edge of the precipice safely – the scale of this immense canyon can feel truly humbling. Optional - Fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter – arguably the best way to take in the sheer immensity of the place. After a few minutes above the pine forests, you literally plunge into the void in the heart of the immense Grand Canyon.

DAY 11

Grand Canyon - Phoenix

Head to Phoenix - Pinewood forests are gradually replaced by Arizona's cacti and deserts while temperatures soar. Worth a visit, en route - Sedona, the heart of Red Rock Country, surrounded by immense red and gold pillars, vast table topped mesas, mineral columns and buttes – the city owes its development to this rugged terrain: they have in the past inspired the imagination of scriptwriters for westerns, and today attract a new-age community in search of mystical energy and spiritual well-being. Jerome, a ghost city from the era of the Wild West, is also well worth a visit. Spend two nights in Phoenix in a family-friendly resort with large swimming pools and guaranteed sunshine, the perfect end to your trip against a Wild West backdrop of giant Saguaro cacti.

DAYS 12 & 13

Return flight

Overnight flight, arriving the next day.

A la carte


The Grand Canyon is the most iconic national park in the United States. To grasp the immensity of the location, it's best to opt for a helicopter ride to really appreciate its enormity and watch the colours of the strata grow darker with the fading sun.


A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £2,655 to £3,660 per person. A fixed price would not make sense for a bespoke journey. The cost varies according to several factors, including level of service, duration of the trip and how far in advance you book. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average starting price for this trip is £3,125 per person.
  • International flights with a scheduled airline
  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge
  • Access to Air France business lounges at Roissy terminal 2E (for departures from Paris)
  • 4x4 family car hire for 11 days
  • Three-night stay in Los Angeles in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Two-night stay in Las Vegas in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Two-night stay in Mount Carmel in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Overnight stay in Page in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Overnight stay in Monument Valley in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Overnight stay in Tusayan in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Overnight stay in Phoenix in a family room (accommodation only)
  • Half-day discovery tour of Los Angeles, with a guide
  • Tickets for Universal Studios in Los Angeles
  • Tickets to the observation wheel in Las Vegas
  • Equipment hire for a day trekking in the Narrows in Zion
  • Walking tour of Antelope Canyon, with an expert guide
  • Half-day 4x4 tour of Monument Valley, with a private guide
  • Our local Concierge service
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