Holidays to the Indian Himalayas: an Overview

Though the Indian Himalaya stretches from China to Kashmir, the Uttarakhand (formerly Uttaranchal) region is widely considered to offer the most spectacular scenery.

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  • There is an abundance of flora and fauna in the Kumaon region; from lush terraces to endless birdlife, and, in the higher ranges, the rare and elusive snow leopard, native to the area.

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The Himalayas, literally translated as the 'land of the snow', are the youngest and tallest mountains on earth, stretching from Arunachal Pradesh on the Burmese border in the east to the icy Karakoram and Hindu Kush ranges that meet along with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the north-west.

Few people outside India have heard of the Kumaon region and surprisingly the region escaped the influx of backpackers that characterised the recent history of parts of Himachal Pradesh and to a lesser extent, the Garwhal.

The village walks concept is ideal for this unspoilt and off the beaten track region of India; bringing benefits to local people and to the guests who visit and learn about the culture and environment.

In 2007, the company behind the village walks opened its luxury lodge, 360° Leti, which completes an extraordinary and unique Indian Himalayan holiday.

Finally, at the opposite end of the spectrum from trekking is the restorative pampering of Ananda in the Himalayas, also in Uttarakhand and a heavenly place to spend a few days.

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