As the evenings close in and the temperature drops, we at Original Travel brace ourselves for a scenario that goes something like this.

Scene 1. Winter. The Original Travel office. The phone rings. Original Traveller: 'Original Travel, XXXXXX speaking, how can I help?' Slightly desperate sounding potential client: 'I need a holiday.' Original Traveller: 'Well you've come to the right place! Did you have anywhere in mind?' Slightly desperate sounding potential client: 'Somewhere hot.'

Scene 2. Still Winter, but a few short weeks later. A beautiful sun-drenched beach. No longer vitamin D deficient Original Travel client: 'This is much, much more like it.'

The End.

Cue rapturous applause and bouquets of flowers strewn on the stage.


Original Thinking

Departure Board, Airport
Image of Tom Barber

Attention all sunflowers. For Northern Europeans, there are at least six months of the year when the sun is - how can we put this? - an infrequent visitor. So the decision is yours - pop down to the Electric Beach for a quick fix of UV, or follow the sun to one of our recommended luxury winter sun destinations.

Tom, Original Traveller

Where to go

Turtle, Caribbean


Original Travel knows the region well, and can recommend the highlights from the best bars in Havana to the best dive sites in the British Virgin Islands, and everything in between.

Nakhon Ratchasima


Thailand is a vibrant blend of cultures and breathtaking natural scenery and, understandably, the most popular destination in South East Asia.

A Hammock On A Maldivian Beach


Paradise islands don’t come much better than the Maldives.

Wallaby in Northern Australia


The vast island of Australia is a country of natural beauty and vivid contrasts, and a big Original Travel favourite.

Palm Trees Amidst Rocky Outcrops at Wadi Shab


A wonderful destination combining beautiful beachfront properties and dramatic mountain and desert landscapes to explore.


South Africa

The 'Rainbow Nation' has it all.

Aerial view of Mauritius


This tiny Indian Ocean island has long set the standard for tropical luxury holidays.

Birds of the Seychelles


An ideal choice for anybody looking for lower-key beach time than is provided by the glitzier Maldives or Mauritius.

Virgin Gorda

The British Virgin Islands

The seas around the BVI’s are remarkably calm, and therefore a sailor’s paradise - making the BVI’s the ideal island hopping archipelago.

Palms Against Blue Sky in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands

Yes, that's right. The Canary Islands. Cast aside those preconceptions and head to one of Europe's most pleasant surprises.



The secret is sneaking out, but Uruguay is still a hugely under-rated destination.



Indisputably the ‘in’ country on earth right now, and somewhere that we at Original Travel can’t get enough of.

Mozambique Islands


Mozambique is the ultimate holiday destination thanks to mile upon mile of palm-fringed coastline, warm turquoise waters and now a national park that allows for the ultimate 'bush and beach' combination.

Bracelets, Kenya


The best 'bush and beach' destination in the world? In our humble opinion - without question.

Lion cub in Tanzania


Three times the size of France, Tanzania is blessed with a remarkable concentration and diversity of wildlife and ecosystems and on the vast stage of the Serengeti's short grass plains, the greatest animal migration on earth plays out each year.

Patagonian Mountains


From the end of the world in Patagonia, past the pampas and sultry Buenos Aires to the hilltops of Salta, Argentina is big, bold and beautiful.

Mount Cook Snow

New Zealand

Comparable in size to the UK, but with a population of only four million, New Zealand is one of the world's least crowded countries.

Coral Reef - Philippines


The Philippines consists of an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, with a combined shoreline longer than the US.

Paradise beach

Turks & Caicos

Superb diving on more than 1,000 square miles of coral reef, and luxurious hotels.

It was a great holiday and went like clockwork from an operational standpoint, it always does with OT


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