Solo City Breaks

Travelling solo is one of life’s big underrated pleasures. No travelling companions means the ultimate holiday freedom with oodles of time to spend just as you please and no compromising necessary. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveller or a complete newbie, solo city breaks are ideal; long enough to pack in activities aplenty but short enough to avoid even a hint of homesickness.

If you're dipping your toes into solo travel for the first time, a solo city break to Europe is just the thing. Portugal's stylish seaside cities - from Lisbon to Porto - are always a good pick with heaps of fabulous foodie spots, beautiful winding streets dotted with azulejo-tiled buildings and friendly locals (no surprises there given that the Portugal is regularly crowned one of the most hospitable countries in the world). Elsewhere, wander the walkable centre of Paris (not just for couples) on a tour with one of our expert guides or fill up on culture in the Italian cities of Rome and Florence.

For the regular solo traveller, there are plenty more cities to get stuck into. There's New York with its endless variety of things to do and see (all the more manageable with only yourself to cater to); the colourful Colombian city of Medellin; and the crazy, captivating city of Marrakech where you can explore bustling souqs by day and escape to a desert camp for the ultimate solo escape by night.

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