Responsible Travel Europe

The perfect patchwork of countries and cultures, Europe is wonderfully diverse, offering up everything from slick city breaks to wild hiking holidays and fun family getaways in the sun. This is a continent where you can explore multiple destinations in a single trip and fill up on enough culture to last you a lifetime, but it is also a continent suffering the effects of short-haul flights and overtourism, which is why responsible travel in Europe is so important.

With our team of responsible travel-savvy experts and our carbon-offsetting programme where we off-set 100% of air and ground travel, all of our holidays have an eco-travel edge. However, if you want to take it a step further, we can help craft the perfect ethical itinerary packed with memorable experiences and environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Our train travel itineraries are a great place to start if you're interested in responsible travel in Europe. Armed with a camera and good book, nab yourself a seat by the window and enjoy the scenic route to some of our favourite destinations including the sunny streets of San Sebastian, Italy's beautiful lakes and the wilds of West Sweden. Alternatively, opt for a European road trip, which gives you the chance to travel at your own pace and get a real feel for the countries you visit.

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: Indicates itineraries that can be done entirely, or partially, by train.

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