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Reconnector weaving in Peru

A case of mistaken identity? Start again

You are a… Reconnector

You've got a nagging feeling that there are skills that you in a former life would have had at your disposal...

Try these on for size...

Reconnect Travel

Reconnect Travel

Ever feel there are some skills you ought to have in your locker? It's time to Reconnect.

Japan parasol


Quite possibly the most 'other' destination on Earth, and in our humble opinion a must for everyone's bucket list.

Brasov, Romania


Home to the dramatic Carpathian mountains, historic Transylvania and the extraordinary wetlands and migrating birdlife of the Danube Delta, Romania is a nation full of pleasant surprises.



Who needs Canada when you've got big country and polar bears on your European doorstep?

Mountains in New Zealand

New Zealand

Comparable in size to the UK, but with a population of only four million, New Zealand is one of the world's least crowded countries.

Learning Chinese

Learning New Skills Sabbaticals

Make the world your classroom. What better way to learn a skill than on an immersive sabbatical, where you have the freedom to dedicate proper time to your pursuit?

Petra, Jordan


For a small country, Jordan packs an impressive punch in terms of history, culture and scenery, and the proximity of its key sights makes a holiday to Jordan ideal for the time-pressed traveller.

Mexico ruins


Forget Cancun, Mexico is a truly diverse country, with a vast array of attractions for travellers of all tastes.

Rio de Janiero by night


Indisputably the ‘in’ country on earth right now, and somewhere that we at Original Travel can’t get enough of.

Lofoten Islands Village

Stay in a Rorbuer Fishing Hut

One of the – many – fun things about visiting the Lofoten Islands is the chance to stay in a rorbuer – a traditional wooden fishing huts built right on the water’s edge.

Horses Grazing Beneath the Andes


Imagine a country where all the world’s climatic and topographical variations are represented in a thin ribbon of land and you have Chile.

Lion in tree


Three times the size of France, Tanzania is blessed with a remarkable concentration and diversity of wildlife and ecosystems and on the vast stage of the Serengeti's short grass plains, the greatest animal migration on earth plays out each year.

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