Pin Drop Travel

Sometimes nothing beats escaping the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. That's why we've created Pin Drop Travel, a collection of destinations where silence is golden; places of peace where - as the name suggests - you can hear a pin drop.

While we love the thrill that comes with visiting vibrant cities, there is a lot to be said for quiet holidays where you can slow right down and escape from the almost ever-present noise of modern life. From television and telephones to traffic and typing, the prevalence of auditory stimulation means the situation is so bad that one recent study suggested that a whopping 90% of children in the USA will never experience natural silence.

Following on from the introduction of international dark sky areas - spaces designated as free from light pollution - more areas are now being identified and protected as quiet spaces, where visitors can truly enjoy the sound of silence.

The good news is that with Original Travel you can visit and appreciate these places where you can hear a pin drop; whether that's reconnecting with untouched nature while indulging in shinrin-yoku ('forest bathing') in Japan; meditating with monks in Bhutan; hiking in India's lunar Ladakh region; stargazing in the Namibian desert or enjoying New Zealand's wide open spaces; or simply just escaping to a quiet coastal town in Europe, there's a quiet holiday to suit.

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