Personal Benefits of Taking a Sabbatical

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves disconnected from those we love the most.

Whether our family consists of a partner, children or any other wonderful combination, time away from the stresses of everyday life on a sabbatical can help us reconnect, rebuild and strengthen these important bonds. Overcoming challenges together, having more time for one another and enjoying fresh experiences together bonds us.

The same is true if the person we're disconnected from is ourself, left wondering who we are and where we belong. Whether it's a full-on identity crisis or a more gentle dawning realisation that we're far from being the person we thought we'd turn out to be, travelling to new places with new challenges - and the space to make mistakes and try new things - can help us figure things out.

44% of clients who took a sabbatical with Original Travel did so out of a desire for self-improvement.

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