Once in a Lifetime

Welcome to our Once in a Lifetime Holidays collection. We all know the concept of bucket lists or ‘do before you die’, the wish lists most of us carry around in our heads and hopefully tick off one by one over the years. Once in a Lifetime Holidays are different because while they are as memorable as any bucket list trip, they are time sensitive and only available for a limited amount of time before that fleeting moment disappears. In short, they are true once in a lifetime experiences to be enjoyed now, or never.

So what constitutes a Once in a Lifetime holiday? Something genuinely ephemeral such as a solar eclipse only visible in a specific spot around the world; or the perhaps never-to-be-repeated phenomenon of Venice - a prime candidate for the world's greatest victim of overtourism - being essentially tourist-free in the aftermath of the coronavirus. For now. The next few weeks will be a remarkable opportunity to see the city devoid of visitors, but they will inevitably return.

There's either a specific date to consider (ie for an eclipse), or a 'best before date' after which the experience will not be as profound or special again, so sometimes these Once in a Lifetime trips need to be planned way in advance, but at other times they will come online at the last minute and need booking fast. Either way, we will give you as much warning as possible, and plan the trip to perfection thanks to the team's know how and, of course, our additional services. If you believe in the mantra of YOLO (You Only Live Once), then make sure to watch out for our Once in a Lifetime trips.

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Kate L is our 'Once in a Lifetime' expert and as a seasoned traveller has the inside track on the most memorable adventures.

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