The thrill of the new. Nothing quite beats notching up a new destination on the bedpost of life, and here at Original Travel we’re only too happy to help out by adding new (and improved) trips on a regular basis.

It's a hugely challenging job waltzing around our glorious planet researching all sorts of spectacular new destinations, but we've manned and womanned up and got the job done.

Right now, and for a short time only, we're back in the office frantically slapping on the aftersun to prolong that tan and eagerly waiting to wax lyrical about Djibouti, Colombia, Romania, Chuuk (yup, that's a real place), Yap (yap - sorry, yup - that one too) and other newly-explored gems.


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Collectively we visit over 30 new places a year, many of which are nigh on unexplored, so watch this space to find out where we think is about to take off.

Tom, Original Traveller

Where to go



Misunderstood and hugely under-rated, Transylvania is a fascinating region with an unparalleled cultural history, beautiful landscapes and wonderful opportunities for seeing wildlife.



The secret is sneaking out, but Uruguay is still a hugely under-rated destination.

Mosque in Iran


Yes, seriously. Set aside your misconceptions and consider visiting one of the most fascinating countries on the planet.

Sunset in Mancora - Peru


Mention Peru and most people will visualise dramatic Andean scenery, the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu or the mysterious Nazca lines. What they almost certainly won’t be thinking about is hip and happening beach resorts and a surfing and social scene to rival that in other Latin American hotspots such as Buzios or Jose Ignacio.

Bird, Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe

Welcome to the 'Galapagos of Africa'.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

With an almost guaranteed 300 days of sunshine a year, Abu Dhabi is the ideal winter break destination.

Siwa overview

Siwa and the Western Desert

Weird and wonderful landscapes and oasis towns seemingly unchanged for centuries. Welcome to one of the world's most Original destinations.



Few, if any, destinations have had as significant an impact on the Western psyche and vocabulary as the Peloponnese peninsula in south-western Greece.

Sunset at Corsica


Take two of our favourite countries – France and Italy – blend their cultures (and particularly cuisines), plonk the resulting Franco-Italian population onto a staggeringly beautiful island in the Mediterranean and hey presto, you have Corsica.

Pots on a Wall


Explore captivating Uzbekistan, home to several of the fabled Silk Road cities.

A horse wandering through the Gobi desert


At 603,908 square miles, Mongolia is one big country, and one that's mostly empty. Even more startling than the country's size is the population - or lack of it. Mongolia is home to a mere three million people, making this the sovereign state with the lowest population density in the world. The stats keep coming - 30% of the population are nomadic and 8% of Mongolian men are direct descendants of Genghis Khan, now immortalised in a 120ft tall equine statue just outside of the capital Ulaanbaatar from where the great Mongol warrior glares down on his people.

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