Enter Morocco and get set for an assault on the senses. With explosions of colour at every turn, the scent of spices floating on the warm air, medinas akin to labyrinths that hum with noise and a traditional culture that holds an almost mystical fascination to all who visit, Moroccan Easter holidays are a heady proposition. Although it’s only an hour away from Spain via ferry, as soon as you set foot on the North African shores of Morocco, Europe feels like a world away in culture and character. Head into the medinas of Fez, Marrakech and Rabat and you’ll enter the sometimes frenzied, but always captivating, heart of the country.
Fez’s souk - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is the largest in the world and it’s immersive and overwhelming in its beauty; a rabbit warren of twists and turns, narrow lanes, weaving tunnels, dead-end squares and streets crammed with stalls. Get lost in the maze and your eyes will widen at the sites in front of you: ancient mosques; beautiful religious schools; tanneries selling a myriad of leather goods; fragrant spice stands; towering copper plates and market squares with stacks of cous cous and chickens wandering around...it's all here in wonderful excess. After getting utterly and hopelessly lost, swap the narrow tracks of the medinas for the wide open space of the Atlas Mountains and the undulating dunes of the vast Sahara or head to the coastal city of Essaouira to see a calmer, more windswept version of Morocco that’s just as spellbinding. Whatever type of Easter getaway you have in mind, beautiful Morocco has something to offer.

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Overall, I’d give the trip a 5+ out of 5. Very well planned and executed, even with last minute changes to my husband’s travel. Thanks so much for one of our favorite trips thus far! We look forward to working with you again.
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