Malaysia may be known for its ancient rainforests, orangutans and dynamic cities, but its beaches certainly deserve their moment in the spotlight too. Unlike neighbouring Thailand and Indonesia who are well-known for their flour-soft beaches and forget-me-not blue surf, Malaysia enjoys a quieter beach scene. Think Phi Phi without the droves of thirsty fresh-out-of-university backpackers and Bali without its ever-growing avocado-eating expat population, and you have Malaysia. And with 900 islands and 300 miles of coastline to choose from, it is simply impossible for it not to have the perfect tropical getaway for every traveller.
On the privately-owned Tengah Island in Johor, it’s all about wild beaches, postcard-perfect atolls and out-of-this-world marine life. While on Tioman Island, its long stretch of buttery blonde beach calls for Malaysia beach holidays to be about one thing and one thing only – surfing. Spend days riding waves beside pros (particularly if you visit during its February surf festival), tackle jungle treks with knowledgeable and passionate guides and visit spirited yet secluded villages in the heart of the island. Sound idyllic? We think so too.

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The refurbishment of the Datai has been remarkable - no expense has been spared. In particular the Beach Villas were extremely spacious & luxurious. The staff were very friendly & well trained & the 4 restaurants all were very good. Overall we had an extremely enjoyable & relaxing holiday
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