In the middle of the Taha’a lagoon, on the idyllic private island of Motu Tu Vahine, is The Vahine Island Resort. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, lush coconut trees, and underwater coral gardens, Vahine Island is a blissful Polynesian retreat.

The 23 acre private island has just nine bungalows and suites which are spread across the island, ensuring that the resort remains both exclusive and peaceful. Both beach bungalows and beach suites have indoor and beach showers, plus spacious private decks with hammocks overlooking the lagoon. Beach suites have the added luxury of a second deck set in the coconut grove and a separate living room. The overwater bungalows boast covered terraces and have aquarium tables in the sitting room, with views of the rich marine life below.

Wake up to an American-style breakfast, have lunch seated on the beach, or enjoy a candlelit dinner for two. Enjoy a blend of Polynesian and Mediterranean flavours, combined by the Vahine Island Restaurant's Michelen-star chef. The bar is crafted from local materials, with a floor made from bamboo, coconut trunks and volcanic stones, creating an authentic Polynesian feel.

Explore the Taha'a lagoon in a traditional Polynesian pirogue (similar to a canoe), on a paddle board, or by snorkelling in the island's two private coral gardens. Join a guided nature tour around the island, learn to weave using coconut leaves, or just unwind in the beautiful surroundings while enjoying a massage in the coconut grove, or on the beach. Guests can also take to the skies on a helicopter ride between Vahine Island and Bora Bora, with spectacular aerial views over the islands and crystal clear lagoons of French Polynesia.

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