French Polynesia

Best Beaches in French Polynesia

Best Beaches in French Polynesia

Choosing the best beaches in French Polynesia is a bit like choosing a from a box of Krispy Kremes: you’re unlikely to be disappointed. French Polynesia is known for its stunning stretches of white sand and turquoise ocean as far as the eye can see. With five archipelagos and around 120 islands, there’s no shortage of places here to soak up the incredible natural scenery that’s centred around the sparkling South Pacific. This also means there’s plenty of variety when it comes to selecting the beaches that will fulfil all your island dreams. Keep reading for our top beach picks in this heavenly destination.


  1. Ta’ahiamanu Beach
  2. Coco Beach
  3. Pink Sand Beaches
  4. PK9 Beach
  5. Matira Beach


Ta’ahiamanu Beach


This stunning beach on Tahiti’s sister island has it all. Lush green mountainsides surround white sand and bright blue water, while the dappled shade of coconut palms and other tropical trees provides the perfect conditions for dozing after a gentle swim. Ta’ahiamanu has a steep drop-off point located an easy swim from the shore, so pack your snorkel in preparation for seeing fish, rays, turtles and even (harmless) reef sharks without having to venture very far. Along with its snorkelling opportunities and natural beauty, this beach also has great facilities including parking, an outdoor shower, picnic tables and bathrooms across the road. One thing to note is that Ta’ahiamanu is popular with locals, so it can get slightly crowded at the weekend. Visit midweek for a more peaceful experience.

Moorea, French Polynesia


Coco Beach


This beach can only be reached by kayak or boat, but don’t let that put you off. Coco beach is located on motu Tiahura, around a ten-minute boat ride from Moorea’s main island. Reserve an all-day table at the restaurant and spend your time here alternating between paddling in the warm, shallow waters and sipping on cocktails as you look out across the lagoon at Moorea’s vibrant natural landscape. For lunch, enjoy a fresh salad, hearty burger or a zingy plateful of Tahitian raw fish alongside a cold bottle of Hinano (the local beer). The shallow stretch of water between motu Tiahura and motu Fareone is known for its snorkelling, where you might see rays and butterfly fish. However, the current can be strong at times, and it’s therefore not recommended for those who aren’t confident swimmers. Luckily, there are plenty of other things to do here including snacking with your feet in the sand, taking a stroll along the shore and enjoying one of the restaurant’s regular live music concerts.


Pink Sand Beaches


The name Tikehau means ‘peaceful landing’ in Tuamotuan, and that’s certainly what you can expect from this idyllic atoll near Rangiroa that’s home to some of the best beaches in French Polynesia. The beaches of Tikehau boast exceptional marine life and beautiful pink sand thanks to broken pieces of foraminifera (microscopic pink crustaceans). With only 400 residents, it’s the ultimate beach destination for those seeking a secluded experience. When you’re not busy snapping pictures of the rosy sands and crystalline waters, take a diving trip for the chance to see tiger and hammerhead sharks along with manta rays, barracudas and sea turtles. The island is also home to many bird species including brown noddies and red-footed boobies; if you’re a bird lover, take a guided tour to the rocky Motu Puarua (otherwise known as Bird Islet).


PK9 Beach


Fakarava is known for its large deserted beaches where you can wander along miles of white sand looking out across the seemingly endless ocean. PK9 Beach is so-called because it lies five-and-a-half miles from Rotoava, the main village in Fakarava. Hop on an e-bike and make the journey – the last part of which is a dirt road – until you reach this thin stretch of white sand that’s bordered by coconut palms and the shimmering blue ocean. The ride here can be a little arduous in the heat, but it’s certainly worth it to have this beautiful beach practically to yourself. Enjoy this secluded stretch of paradise by lazing on the white sand, having a relaxed swim or heading out with your snorkel to spot some of this island’s abundant ocean creatures. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, a good book and perhaps a knife for cracking open a coconut to sample the freshest coconut water you’ve ever tasted. Speaking of coconuts, keep a lookout for them falling from above.

French Polynesia beach


Matira Beach

Bora Bora

This is the only public beach in Bora Bora, and it’s a real slice of paradise. Matira Beach has everything you might expect from a beach in French Polynesia, including tropical vegetation, powdery white sands and glittering ocean that alternates between pale blue, bright turquoise and aquamarine. The water here is calm and safe for swimming, and you might just find yourself enjoying a paddle alongside some fluttering rays. If you bring your snorkel, expect to see an array of colourful tropical fish not far from the shore. After a morning or afternoon spent lounging in this pretty perfect spot, head to one of the snack bars for a local beer and a plate of mahi mahi. As the day draws to a close, stay to watch the spectacular sunset over the Pacific. The sight of the sky streaked with orange and indigo is truly unforgettable.