Romania at a glance

Romania is a country where myth and reality are closely entwined. With our Romania travel guide you can separate fact from fiction, but you’ll also learn why this destination remains magical anyway. Vlad the Impaler - the prince who inspired the Dracula stories - is said to have been born in Sighi?oara, in the heart of Transylvania. According to another hypotheses, Dracula would have been born in Targoviste, where he built the tower of Chindia, today a symbol of the city. Either way, a visit of Sighisoara, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must of your trip. In Bistrita, a charming medieval city, look out for the small hotel where Jonathan Harker, hero of the novel Dracula, stayed.
Then take the road to Bran Castle, the castle of Vlad the Impaler even though he only ever spent a few nights there. Finish at his tomb, in the monastery of Snagov. Or at least, according to some; others claim the tomb only contains a few horse bones. Final stop on this vampiric quest should be Comana to see the fountain near which Vlad was said to have been killed. Then forget Vlad/Dracula, taking time instead to appreciate the time-warp qualities of Transylvania and Maramures, the extraordinary birdlife in the Danube Delta and even the nightlife in the capital Bucharest.
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