The South American country of Guyana is an explosion of diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and exciting adventure, but the best of all is how this treasure trove has yet to be discovered by most of the global tourist community. If you visit, you certainly won’t be bothered by crowds of other tourists, as only around 250,000 people visit yearly. Even the most famous sites will be free of unintentional photo-bombers - a real treat for those who like peace and quiet. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that you could be bored, however; between the untouched natural landscape, full of diverse flora and fauna, and the melting-pot of cultures that results from the collision of Caribbean, Amerindian and indigenous peoples, there is so much to see that we’ve put together a handy guide of our favourite things to do in Guyana.

Take a Tour of Georgetown

Guyana’s capital city, Georgetown, has an incredible atmosphere and so much to see and do. We can arrange for you to take a guided tour, which will include seeing the local markets, in particular Bourda Market and Starbroek Market. Bourda Market offers fresh produce, including a huge variety of tropical fruit. Try the bananas, coconuts and mango, and if you stop and talk to the friendly locals, you might well come away with some delicious free samples. Starbroek Market is well-known for its distinctive cast-iron architecture, and the 18th-century clock tower that is sure to make everyone who sees your holiday photos intrigued.

Your tour won’t miss St George’s Cathedral, one of Guyana’s most famous sites. The white face and Gothic architecture stand out sharply in the capital, but in a good way. Completed at the end of the 19th century, appreciating its historical charms is one of the top things to do in Guyana. The capital city also offers Botanical Gardens and a couple of small museums, worth a stop if you visit.

Once you have piqued your appetite from taking in the city, you shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy delicious local cuisine at the famous Backyard Cafe. A restaurant in the owner’s actual backyard, the neighbourhood it is located in was once known for crime. However, now it is quite safe, and you shouldn’t worry about visiting, partly due to the owner’s efforts to involve the local community in his business. The food is delicious, locally sourced and organic, served with a warm welcome under a lush natural canopy.

Visit Kaieteur Falls

While it may not currently make many of the ‘top waterfalls in the world’ lists (except ours), Kaieteur Falls certainly should, because this natural wonder is a sight to behold and won’t be spoilt by crowds of visitors. Isolated and remote, the only way you can visit is on a small aircraft or by a five-day overland journey, but the fact that people do make this effort just demonstrates that this sight is really worth it. One of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, and the highest single-drop waterfall, the 700ft falls are surrounded by the gorgeous sights of the Kaieteur National Park.

Multiple viewpoints, as well as the view from above if you chose to travel by air, make for a stunning experience. The difficulty involved in getting there also means that you are potentially going to be among the only visitors - in our opinion, the best way to experience nature.

The overland trip should be recommended for those who really want to take in the landscape of Guyana. Don’t think of it as the long way to your destination: the journey, a combination of land transport, boat, hiking and mountain climbing, makes for a treat for the truly adventurous. Of all the things to do in Guyana, perhaps this is one you will really remember for a lifetime.

Marvel at the Wildlife

Guyana’s impressive array of birds, animals and aquatic life is one of its top draws to visitors. No trip would be complete without seeing some of these marvellous creatures, but luckily that is not difficult to achieve. There are so many ways to enjoy the fauna of Guyana that you will be spoilt for choice.

If you have an avian interest, bird watching in Guyana is a real treat. There are over 800 colourful and cheerful species of bird to catch with your shutter, among which are the harpy eagle, red-and-green macaw and cock-of-the-rock. A great place to visit to see some of these lovely creatures is the Iwokrama rainforest.

The fish of Guyana are also among its wonders, and canoeing, kayaking or fishing in the right waters will treat you to the sight of an Arapaima, the largest-scaled freshwater fish in the world. Growing up to eight feet in length, the fish are now subject to conservation due to overfishing. However, a trip with the right local guide will take you up close, as well as often funding the efforts to protect this rare species.

One species that you can reel in guilt-free is the piranha. If you’re a fishing aficionado, you should know that most of the rivers and lakes in Guyana are home to this chompy critter (so maybe don’t go paddling). On a piranha fishing tour, you will be guided through a truly authentic experience, from making your own rod to finding bait to eating your catch for lunch - just like the locals do it.

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