Guyana at a glance

A generous smattering of sun-soaked beaches, untouched rainforests, winding rivers and savannahs rife with wildlife grace the lesser-known South American country of Guyana. Nestled between Suriname and Venezuela, and cradled by the famous Brazilian Amazon, this is a haven that offers wildlife, warmth and intrigue in equal measures. There are countless must-see attractions found here that you’ll need to add to your bucket list. We’re talking trekking into the depths of the jungle to see the stunning Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls, freshwater fishing along the banks of the Essequibo River and wildlife watching in spades. Not to mention a rich cultural history more akin with the Caribbean than South America, from the Creole and English spoken (the national language) to the aromatic curried meals served.
This refreshing ode to simpler times (with ATMs a rarity) feels like an immersive back-to-nature experience that will no doubt leave keen travellers wanting more. For a destination unpolluted by an urban glare that’s satisfyingly off-map, make this natural paradise your next must-visit spot.
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