Time Difference 

Antarctica is 11 hours ahead of the UK GMT and does not observe daylight saving time, so the clocks do not change seasonally.


The US dollar is commonly used across Antarctica; however, each base uses its home currency. Although there are no banks, there are two ATM machines available at the McMurdo Station and the shop here accepts credit cards.


There is no standard voltage or plug in Antarctica. Each station or expedition ship has its own power supply and outlets. We advise you to bring an adapter for all your electrical appliances.

Shops and Amenities 

There are limited shopping options in Antarctica, however a few options for souvenirs and provisions are available in Port Lockroy (only open from November to March).


Antarctica is home to the most remote radio station: ICE FM. The biggest newspaper is the Antarctic Sun.


There is a post office in Antarctica. All post from the UK must be sent by Royal Mail and can only be delivered during the Antarctic Summer (October to April). Post can take anywhere from 14 days to over 12 weeks to arrive.


Stations and expedition ships are equipped with satellite phones on a pay-per-minute basis.

Internet and Mobile Coverage 

Mobile phones will not work in Antarctica. Stations and expedition ships are equipped with limited Wi-Fi that may be chargeable.  

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