Antarctica at a glance

Ice, snow and frosty toes may be a few things that come to mind when picturing Antarctica. These assumptions are entirely correct, but ‘The Ice’ as it is known, is so much more than just a snow-covered continent. This remote wilderness is brimming with Antarctic peaks to climb, icy waters to kayak and magnificent glaciers to explore. Although there are very few buildings on the continent, we love the traditional post office where resident scientists and tourists alike can post a card to home, telling takes of the dazzling polar ice cap. Follow in the footsteps of explorers from times gone by with a trip out with to explore the historic huts that the likes of Scott and Amundsen stayed in, preserved frozen in rime ice.
Head out with an expert guide on a whale-watching expedition where you might also want to keep your eyes peeled for Weddell seals and emperor penguins. The wildlife is generally unafraid of humans, so even when you see these amazing creatures up close, you’ll likely get no more than an uninterested yawn. Nevertheless, observing these cold climate creatures in arguably the bleakest place on Earth, is an experience like no other. Antarctica is simply stunning.
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