Welcome to the Treehotel

Welcome to the Treehotel

What's the most unusual place you have ever woken up? A bathtub after a party? On the deck of a gulet bopping around in the Aegean off Turkey? In an African tent with elephants hoovering berries off the canopy roof? Well, the other morning I woke up in a UFO. Then I put on at least ten layers of clothes, descended a narrow metal staircase to the snow-covered ground below and walked for seven minutes through a Narnia-esque forest before devouring a delicious cooked breakfast in a vintage styled B&B. Surreal doesn't even begin to cover it. Welcome to the Treehotel, another awesomely cool Swedish creation in Lapland.


A truly original hotel

Located just an hour's drive from Lulea airport The Treehotel consists of 5 original, modern and eco friendly treerooms designed by Scandinavia's leading architects. If the UFO doesn't float your boat there is always the Bird's Nest, the Mirror Cube, The Blue Cone (which is, of course, bright red), or the Cabin. Bird's Nest and UFO are great for families, sleeping 4 people each; while the Cabin and Mirror Cube are perfect for couples, offering privacy, terraces with stunning views over the river and pretty impressive photo opportunities. The Blue Cone has simple Scandinavian design and is accessible via a bridge for those wanting to ease into the experience gently. All rooms have loos (they burn everything!), electricity and heating, but for a shower you will have to leave the comfort of your treetop cocoon.

The owners of Treehotel , Kent Lindvall and his wife Britta, also run Brittas Pensionat, where guests drop off their luggage, shower, eat and hang out. Mouthwatering meals are prepared by Britta and served buffet style. Shoes are left at the door, everyone sits together and it feels like staying at grandma's house, where you will always be warm and fed, or at least until you head out into -30 degrees for a day of snowmobiling and ice-driving or for a visit to the sauna.

Treehotel is not your typical hotel, but it embodies everything that we love here at Original Travel. It's cool and quirky, it has character and it's owned by people who are passionate about preserving the pristine nature literally all around their doorstep. It works for families and couples, in summer and in winter. Each treeroom has its own feel, and with plans to open another 19 rooms there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back.