Top Trips for Tweens

Top Trips for Tweens

Welcome to the age of the 'tweenager' - the twilight zone between the innocence of early childhood and the dark ages of the teenage years. No need to panic though, because handled correctly these can be some of the most memorable (for all the right reasons) of all family travel times. For instance, you can start involving the children in the planning process (in moderation, mind, or you may find yourself going to California every single holiday) and, as you'll discover over the next few pages there's very little that doesn't work brilliantly at this age, so you can veer toward the ever more adventurous.


Dramatic Jordan

Dramatic deserts, camel rides, Indiana Jones movie sets (aka: Petra)... what wouldn't there be to love about a family holiday to Jordan ? Stuffed full of ancient history, a fascinating culture and spellbinding scenery, Jordan is a small country that earns big brownie points as a destination to delight the whole brood. Thrill youngsters with desert safaris, floating on the Dead Sea and ancient archaeological tours, while parents can enjoy nutrient-rich mud baths.


Curious in Costa Rica

There is no better place to get away from modern life and really appreciate the great outdoors than Costa Rica. 25% of the country is set aside as national parks, and everywhere you look there are lush volcano-filled forests framed by miles of soft white sand. And then there's the abundance of weird and wonderful wildlife that calls Costa Rica home. These fantastic beasts are sure to charm the most nervous - and fantastic beasts are sure to charm the most adventurous - tweenagers. Our fantastic team of Americas experts will help plan every last detail of your family holiday in Costa Rica.


Incredible Indonesia

With its wild beauty and child-loving locals, the perfect option is a far-flung family trip in Indonesia. On an adventurous liveaboard cruise, explore the islands in comfort; days spent enjoying the best on land and sea. Does trekking in search of Komodo dragons sound like it might capture the team's imagination? Or exploring Bali by convertible? Or learning to surf? Wherever you go, evenings should be about barbecues under starlit skies after days that no one will forget.


Immersive Turkey

Turkey ticks some serious 'must visit' boxes when it comes to family holidays. Sitting where continents collide, it's a beguiling blend of culture, history, scenery and incredible hospitality. The country is home to lunar-like landscapes, buzzing cityscapes and one of the best coastlines in the Med - the Aegean - all of which merit exploration as a family. Ideal for tweens and teens, this is a place that will capture their imaginations and teach them so much.


Enticing Egypt

Egypt is one of those dream destinations that caters for couples and families alike. With your family fez on, enjoy a delectable double act of culture and beaches as your explore ancient pyramids and temples before some beach time. Take guided tours dripping with grisly details about mummification that will thrill the youngsters. Then, in Hughada on the Red Sea, your sea-loving squirts can go on snorkelling adventures while indulgent spa treatments await parents.