Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to honeymoons. Some want pure beachside R&R - and rightly so, we would always recommend some downtime as part of a honeymoon (never underestimate how tired you'll be after the months of preparation and wedmin) - while others want to start their adventure into married life on the honeymoon adventure of a lifetime. What is guaranteed though is that your honeymoon is arguably the most important holiday you'll ever take so getting the right blend of destination, experiences, hotels and pace is mission critical (that's where we come in). And if you're planning a honeymoon in 2020, here are our recommendations for the best destinations for the year ahead...


Variety is the Spice of Life: Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago comprises over 17,000 individual islands which form a bridge across the Asian and Australasian continents and sit at the meeting point of two oceans: the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. All of which is an overly verbose way of saying that Indonesia offers honeymooners a sensational amount of variety. If R&R is the order of the day, we can recommend the very best of a seemingly infinite number of beautiful beachside boutique hotels. If it's immersive cultural experiences you're after, how about kite making with a local artisan in Sanur or meeting an astrologer in Ubud, who will use ancient techniques to predict what the future has in store for you as newlyweds? Perhaps you prefer to pack your honeymoon with more physical pursuits (now, now); our specialist dive team have the inside track on the best dive sites in the land (or, more aptly, the sea); head to remote Sumatra and trek through the jungle to see the magnificent orangutans; or take a private yoga lesson in Bali's serene and luscious countryside.


La Dolce Vita: Italy

Italian honeymoons are all about embracing la dolce vita, whether staying on the classical path of the likes of the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Rome (the greatest city in the world: discuss) or heading off-radar. Puglia is home to undulating hills covered with olive groves; wild, untamed coastline; ancient hilltop towns and big, bold, baroque cities. Emilia-Romagna, meanwhile, is the place for those wanting to combine two things that Italy does better than anywhere else: food and fast cars. The region is based around the ancient Via Aemilia, a Roman trunk road, connecting Parma (home to the eponymous ham and the undisputed king of cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano) in the north-west to Rimini on the east coast, via possibly the most sophisticated Italian city: Bologna. If you're after a more off-road trip for your honeymoon, look no further than summer in the Dolomites, the perfect place for gentle hiking or biking in the mountains, accompanied by romantic picnics and exploring isolated villages.


Bush & Beach: Tanzania

The word safari literally translates to 'journey' 'or 'voyage' in Swahili, and what better way to start your journey into marriage than with a romantic bush and beach honeymoon in Tanzania? The Serengeti may be the obvious safari choice, and rightly so with its vast swathes of game covering the landscape and some of the best lodges in Africa. But if you're looking to escape the crowds on your 2020 safari honeymoon, plump for the northernly Ngorongoro Crater, the world's largest unfilled caldera... apart from the hordes of game that call it home, or the southernly Selous Game Reserve which is four times the size of the Serengeti and receives but a fraction of the visitors. Aside from the wildlife experiences, we can arrange romantic picnics in the bush, private candlelit suppers and sleep outs beneath the stars. And after all that adventure, Tanzania offers some beautiful beachside retreats for a few days of R&R at the end of your trip.


The Great Outdoors: Canada

If getting away from it all is the name of your 2020 honeymoon game then look no further than the wilds of Canada. Wanting an epic road trip? Drive through the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho, (or step aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train) taking in snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves. Want to see wonderful wildlife? Head to Vancouver Island to spot whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions and orcas (the world's largest population of killer whales lives here). Or perhaps you're after an adrenaline-fuelled adventure - the crowd-free pistes of Whistler are second to none; for hardcore skiers there are the brilliantly braggable double-black diamond runs and plenty of off-piste action to (ski) boot.


Glorious Juxtaposition: Japan

Space travel may be coming to a Virgin store near you in the not too distant future but why head all that way when you can experience a country so alien to the western world right here on Planet Earth? Japan irresistibly juxtaposes ancient culture and tradition with hyper modern technology and thought. Nowhere else will you be able to see a beautifully crafted wooden temple in the shadow of a towering glass skyscraper and feel that the two fit together in perfectly opposed harmony. From the bright lights and chaos of Tokyo to the supremely serene (and perfectly pristine) temples, palaces and gardens of Kyoto, and from the knee-deep soft powdery snow of the mountains of Niseko to the beautiful beaches of Okinawa, Japan has something for every type of honeymooner.

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