Mauritius or Seychelles?

Mauritius or Seychelles?

Seychelles or Mauritius? Read on for some defining features of each, in the contest of the Seychelles vs. Mauritius...


One's tropical.

The other equatorial.



Mauritius, with its egg-shaped silhouette, is an only child.

The islands of the Seychelles are a big brood.



Their names sparkle: Curepipe, Chamarel, Rose-Hill or Quatre-Bornes... not to mention their vibrant markets.

Pointe Zeng Zeng or Coco dans Trou; Seychellois villages provide an example of how not to take yourself too seriously.

Mauritius - © SolisIndian Ocean



Hotels in Mauritius range from extreme luxury to boutique hotels and family-friendly resorts.

The Seychelles offers intimate accommodation in refined settings which are sometimes located on private islands.



Mauritius is beautiful and exuberant; open, fun and outspoken.

The Seychelles cultivates an aura of discretion and privacy.



Writers, universities, museums… Mauritius is a well-read country.

With only one cinema, the Seychelles islands retain their rustic spirit.

Seychelles - ©Four Seasons



With its cane sugar plantations Mauritius can feel manicured.

In the Seychelles, every island is its own little ecosystem, each almost a national park.



Are you looking for shopping, big-game fishing, diving, golf, or lively nightlife?

Or do you want to relax, read, hike, and have romantic dinners by the water's edge?