The best views in Norway

The best views in Norway

To enjoy the best views in Norway, you often have to get high - on foot, by car or by funicular. From above, you can embrace the landscape, mountains and oceans, and appreciate the vastness of Norway's nature. Hiking is the best way to get the most amazing views in the country. Here are some of the best views in Norway.


  1. Stegastein
  2. Rampestreken
  3. Preikestolen
  4. Reinebringen
  5. Aksla
  6. Ulriken



The old road from Aurland to Lærdal meanders over the heights of Aurland until it reaches the striking viewpoint at Stegastein. The viewing platform, which is on one of Norway's recognised National Scenic Routes, has been recognised far beyond Norway's borders for its astonishing architecture : a long steel and laminated wooden footbridge 100ft long and 13ft wide protrudes from the mountain, 2,100ft above the pine forest and offering an unparalleled view of the fjord. 

Sverre Hjornevik 



The trail leading to the Rampestreken viewpoint starts in Andalsnes . The hike is popular with locals, but be warned - it is steep, especially the rock staircase in the last part of the trail. At an altitude of 1,900ft, a platform stretches from the steep cliff to reveal a panoramic view of the fjord, the surrounding mountains and their snow-capped peaks, and the town of Andalsnes below. We recommend pushing further up Nesaksla mountain, about 30 minutes from Rampestreken : the view is even more breathtaking. Count on a three- to four-hour round trip, depending on your pace (and the number of photo stops ).



The Preikestolen cliff is one of the most famous and best views in Norway ; a picture-perfect postcard of this stunning country. A pulpit-shaped cliff that drops off steeply some 2,000 feet above the Lysefjord, it offers a breathtaking view of the fjord and surrounding mountains (if heights make you dizzy, it's probably not for you...). The four-mile trail starts from the Preikestolen refuge and is approximately a five-hour round trip. Tip : opt for a guided night hike to avoid the summer crowds and enjoy the magic of sunrise. 

 Jens Fersterra



Reinebringen, on the island of Moskenesøya, is one of the highlights of a trip to the Lofoten islands. The viewpoint is perched at nearly 1,500ft above sea level and dominates one of the most beautiful villages in the archipelago, Reine, with its fjords and red 'rorbuer' (traditional, seasonal fishermen's huts) built on a string of islands. Please note : the climb is not signposted and is steep and often slippery. Check carefully to find the start point, marked by a coloured arrow. This trail is approximately a four-hour round trip.


Tomasz Furmanek



Mount Aksla and its panoramic Fjellstua headland are among the highlights of a visit to Alesund. Reach the headland on foot from Byparken (the central park) by climbing a 418-step staircase, or by car up the road around the hill. At the top, the views of this eminently pretty city, the archipelago and the majestic Sunnmore Alps are remarkable and some of the best views in Norway. There's also a restaurant and cafe at the summit. On the other side, a row of ice-capped peaks reaches inland.

mount Aksla

Samuel Taipale



Ulriken is the highest of the seven peaks in Bergen, capital of Hordaland County. Farther away than Floyen, it offers a more expansive view of the country's second largest city. The viewpoint, perched 2,100ft above sea level, can be reached by cable car. Upon arrival, the panorama is breathtaking : Bergen, sea, islands, fjords and mountains. Plus, there's a very good restaurant at the upper cable car station, selected as one of our top picks.


Christian Houge