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The Best Secret Glamping Locations in the World

The Best Secret Glamping Locations in the World

A very fussy princess could once feel a pea at the bottom of several huge mattresses and 20 feather beds placed beneath her. Now, we aren't saying we would necessarily be able feel a minute garden pea (no matter how many corgis we buy, we are sadly still not 'HRH' status), but when it comes to catching forty winks, we are unashamedly particular. So whether you're Her Majesty, a Markle or a Middleton, look no further. Here are our best and most luxurious secret glamping locations, so you can max out on experience without sacrificing on comfort. Perfectly princess-worthy...


Bespoke Hideaways, Wadi Rum, Jordan

A tangerine dream, with dramatic wind-sculpted sandstone mountains rising up to 800m high, you will feel like the ruler of another planet when you sleep under the stars of the Wadi Rum desert. During the day, enjoy some guided activities such as nature walks, camel treks, sandboarding or a 4x4 drive, before spending the evening relaxing in a stylish tented suite. Not your usual Glasto-style get up, these (appropriately named) king-size suites come with en suite bathroom, hot running water and a camp chef to cook delicious food for you. On your own private deck, watch the sun set behind the copper coloured mountains as the stars come out in all their awe inspiring splendour.


Sápmi Nature Camp, Laponia, Sweden

Great for responsible travellers, the exquisite Sápmi Nature Camp in the heart of Laponia is potentially Sweden's best kept secret. Immerse yourself in the glorious unspoiled nature as your forage for your own food, live amongst reindeer, and gain insight to the indigenous Sámi culture. The best time to visit is in autumn, when the primeval forest provides a wealth of wonderful colours to experience, and there is the chance to see the awe-inspiring Northern Lights (a bucket list-must). We're going to put our hands up and admit that the lavvu tents have no electricity or running water, but don't panic - they are kitted out with snuggly double beds and efficient stoves to keep you warm no matter what the outside temperature. There is also a wood heated sauna in the camp, and a modern, incineration toilet.


Kachi Lodge, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The blindingly white expanse of Bolivia's salt flats (or Salar de Uyuni) provide one of South America's most beguiling sites. Technically a lake, the uppermost layer consists of a 120m deep crust of salt which is strong enough to support the weight of a car. The Kachi Lodge stands directly on the Uyuni Salt Flats by the foot of the Tunupa Volcano (which is dormant, thankfully). While the lodge's domes look like futuristic space pods, the plush carpets, contemporary wood interiors and plush double beds give a cosy, romantic ambience. The pod's transparent panels offer wide open views of the Salar, allowing you to sleep under a star-studded sky in comfort and style. Although seemingly remote, the region offers more than just otherworldly views; hike to a nearby island populated with oversized cacti for more sensational sights, or just an hour's drive away visit the fascinating archaeological site of Alcaya.


The Chamba Camp, Ladakh, India

Is there anything more 'royal' than watching some polo with your own personal butler to wait on you? The Chamba Camp at the foot of the Thiksey Buddhist Monastery, provides you with nothing short of a palace under canvas. Each 'tent' (understatement alert) has its own air-conditioning, en suite bathroom, fine linens, private deck and butler. If you can tear yourself away from your sumptuous dwelling, a visit to the monastery is a must. Thiksey Gompa is Ladakh's most famous monastery, picturesquely cascading down the rocky hill face. Polo excursions, archery, visits to local villages, as well as cycling and hiking tours can be arranged, so you can make the most of Ladakh's rich culture and impressive views.


Great Plains Conservation, Selinda Reserve, Botswana

Slumber under a canopy of jackalberry and mangosteen trees, to feel truly connected to the nature around you in the heart of northern Botswana. Dense marshes, riverine woodlands, sprawling savannah's and a thriving animal population make the private 130,00 hectare Selinda Reserve one of Africa's best. The area boasts thousands of elephants, packs of African wild dogs, hippos and leopards, as well as the famous 'Selinda Lion Pride', as featured in the National Geographic film Birth of a Pride. Each splendid guest tent in the reserve has an en suite bathroom, swimming pool and private veranda. Still not luxury enough? You can also enjoy your own private vehicle, safari guide and chef. The Selinda Reserve is owned by five friends who are passionate about eco-tourism, and have spearheaded several conservation programmes, making this another great option for the responsible travellers among us.