Secret Scenes

Secret Scenes

We all know that slightly smug feeling of having discovered something new, be it an experience or a place. We also all know the struggle that follows - do you let the cat out of the bag? Or do you keep schtum and save it for yourself? Well, our inner blabber-mouth just can't keep it together any more, we're officially buckling beneath the weight of secret gems across the globe, from clandestine city tours to off-the-radar safari spots...


The Caprivi, Namibia

The Caprivi region is a corridor of lush waterways, bushveld and floodplains poking out of the north eastern corner of Namibia, connecting the country to some of the region's mightiest rivers; the Okavango; Chobe; Zambezi and Kwando. This protuberant arm sees elephants passing from Botswana and Namibia into Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is also home to significant populations of the elusive wild dog, as well as hippos, lions, giraffes and buffaloes.


Isla de Providencia, Colombia

It's fair to say Colombia is having something of a moment and has become the place to visit over the last couple of years. Luckily, though, there are still plenty of secrets left to explore; Isla de Providencia, a mountainous Caribbean island off the north coast of Colombia, is a case in point. Being so remote, the island has retained its authentic, laidback Caribbean charm and pristine landscape. Think golden beaches, lush mountainous topography and extremely welcoming people, who by and large still speak local Creole English.


The Temecula Valley, USA

Californian wine is nothing new but the Temecula Valley, between Los Angeles and San Diego, is something of a surprise given the proximity of its gentle, rolling green hills to the desert. The region is home to a variety of grapes, from Chardonnay to Grenache and Syrah and the tasting experiences range from large wineries with beautiful views across the landscape to boutique tasting rooms in the heart of Temecula city itself.


The Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia

Once a stronghold of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia's Cardamom Mountain region is quietly making its way on to the tourism map. As Southeast Asia's largest rainforest, it's home to mile upon mile of luscious hiking trails which are ripe for exploration. The local villages and markets are largely untouched by tourism and retain their traditional charm, making for an authentic cultural experience. Stay at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge at the foot of the mountains and stay in environmentally floating tents to round off an unforgettable trip.


Private Tour of the Vatican City

There's nothing new about the Vatican but for a secret twist on an old classic, we can organise behind-the-scenes tours of this fascinating city. Your guide will be a member of the elite Swiss Guard and will be able to offer a unique glimpse behind the famously closed doors of the Vatican.


Gal Oya National Park, Sri Lanka

While Wilpattu National Park in the north and Yala in the south tend to steal much of the limelight, the vast Gal Oya National Park in the south-east of Sri Lanka slips beneath the radar. 30% of the bird species in Sri Lanka are found here, as well as 32 mammal species including sloths, elephants and leopards. You also won't have to compromise on luxury in this secret gem because Gal Oya Lodge, on the outskirts of the park, is one of our favourite boutiques in Sri Lanka.