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Scenic Small Plane Flights to Hop Aboard

Scenic Small Plane Flights to Hop Aboard

Picture yourself soaring over the savannah in a little plane, binos in hand, keeping your eyes peeled for a pride of lions wandering through the wilderness or even a kettle of vultures soaring at eye level. Imagine yourself gliding over America’s world-famous Grand Canyon, its ochre twists and turns making for the ultimate ‘from-the-sky’ snap. Or think of yourself flying low and slow over the Swiss Alps where glistening glaciers, craggy chains of towering mountains and mirror-clear crystalline lakes are part and parcel with a flight here. Small plane flights or trips aboard light aircraft are some of the most miraculous ways of getting around our globe. They allow for glimpses into worlds unseen, unknown or forgotten, all with a bird’s-eye-view like no other. Here is our list of the most scenic small plane flights to hop aboard…


  1. Milford Sound, New Zealand
  2. Okavango Delta, Botswana
  3. East Coast, Sri Lanka
  4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  5. Grand Canyon, USA     


Milford Sound

New Zealand

This small plane flight begins with a thrilling take-off. As the plane ascends over the amphitheatre of giant mountains that surround the airfield, the magnificent sights of New Zealand's Fiordland National Park unfold beneath you. Lush rainforests, jagged peaks and glacial valleys create a tapestry of natural wonders. As you approach Milford Sound, the scenery continues to wow, with cascading waterfalls, such as the iconic Mitre Peak waterfall, tumbling down the sheer cliffs and glistening in the sunlight. As you soar over this craggy part of the South Island, you'll see the intricate network of fjords, their deep waters carving their way through the ancient landscape, as well as some of the creatures that call the area home. Keep your eyes peeled for seals basking on the rocky shores, dolphins gracefully dancing in the waves and native bird species soaring overhead.

Small plane flying over the savannah, Kenya

Image © Christopher Churchill


Okavango Delta


From above, the Okavango Delta’s filigree of tributaries come to life. Lush grasslands, overflowing with buffalos roaming freely; crystal-clear lagoons filled with splashing elephants; and expansive floodplains dotted with all kinds of colourful bird life. A small plane flight over the ‘Jewel of the Kalahari’ or ‘the Louvre of the desert’, as the delta is affectionately known, is one to add to the bucket list. The meandering channels of the delta reveal themselves from the air, as they wind their way through Botswana's verdant landscape. Marvel at the ever-changing patterns of water, marshes and islands and listen as your pilot divulges all kinds of anecdotes and stories of life in this remarkable ecosystem.


East Coast

Sri Lanka

The dazzling azure of the Indian Ocean will hit you as soon as your light aircraft takes to the sky along Sri Lanka’s east coast. Despite its turbulent past, and devastating destructions of the Boxing Day tsunami, this palm-fringed stretch of the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ remains seriously stunning. As you glide through the air along the eastern shoreline, you'll be treated to breathtaking vistas of palm-fringed beaches, where the turquoise waters meet golden sands in a harmonious union, and a glistening trail of sunlight is left behind every gently rolling wave. While over land on your small plane flight, keep your eyes peeled for ancient temples hidden amid the verdant greenery (your captain will happily answer any questions), as well as evidence of the tsunami support. While flying over the water, be sure to also look out for the swooping shadows of whales and sea turtles in the big blue, or even a dolphin or two playing in the waves.


Swiss Alps


As you soar above the snow-capped peaks, you'll likely be captivated by the sheer grandeur of the Swiss Alps. The aircraft effortlessly glides through the sky, revealing a panorama of rugged mountains, deep valleys and pristine alpine lakes. Witness the interplay of light and shadow on the slopes and take in the jagged ridges and craggy summits which stand testament to Mother nature's extraordinary artistry. But small plane flights over the Swiss Alps aren’t only about the mountains. Come spring, the meadows are overflowing with pastel-hued wildflowers billowing gently in the breeze, making for yet another glorious alpine canvas to see from the skies. The slopes, hillsides and verdant valleys are also home to mountain goats and shy ibex trapezing along rocky ledges, as well as eagles and falcons gliding along on the warm currents.

Small plane flight, France

Image © Faustine Poidevin


The Grand Canyon


Nearly everyone has seen an image of the Grand Canyon from above. The Colorado River’s traversing twists and turns have carved out a maze of waterways in the national park which make for otherworldly views when aboard a small plane flight. The immense cliffs carved by the forces of nature stretch as far as the eye can see, displaying a vivid tapestry of colours and textures, as well as layers of sedimentary rock that reveal millions of years of Earth's history and showcase nature's artistic prowess. Whether soaring over this American natural wonder during the day or at sunset, the views are beyond belief with sunlight dancing on the cliffs, casting vibrant hues of red, orange and gold that contrast against the deep blues of the sky. Take in the intricacies of the canyon’s formations and be sure to take a few snaps to brag about when you return home.



Written by Immy Kelly

Header Image © Faustine Poidevin