Research Report: Izzy’s Trip to Norway

Research Report: Izzy’s Trip to Norway

On a research trip to Norway, our Europe specialist, Izzy, got a taste of the country’s spellbinding scenery. From visiting villages like Ulvik, nestled on a fjord's edge, to chugging through the countryside on the iconic Flåm Railway, Izzy came home eager to share her exciting experiences. Planning a trip to Norway and keen to learn about some of her expert insights? Read on to find out how to make the most of your Norwegian adventure.


  1. Where did you visit?
  2. What did you get up to?
  3. What made your trip special?
  4. Did you learn about any hidden gems?
  5. What’s your favourite thing you ate?
  6. What was something you’d never done before?
  7. What’s something that can’t be missed?
  8. What’s a top tip you’d give to clients?


Where did you visit?

Where didn’t I visit! My trip started off in the port town of Alesund, on the west coast, and ended in Norway’s capital city, Oslo, on the south coast. Along the way, I stayed in a handful of hotels in little villages – including Flåm, Geiranger, Ulvik and Lofthus – all with incredible fjord views. I then went up to Geilo and Voss, which are ski resorts in winter and outdoor playgrounds in summer.


What did you get up to?

While my main aim was to test drive some of our new experiences, I also took the time to really get to know each destination. Norway’s landscapes are wonderfully varied with mountains, rivers, fjords, cities and villages, so it’s vital to visit all these places so I can match each client with specific destinations. As well as seeing all this breathtaking scenery, I took part in a lot of excursions, including RIB boating along fjords and a journey on the Flåm Railway (arguably one of the most scenic rail journeys in Europe).


The Flam Railway


What made your trip special?

I was lucky enough to travel with my mother, so it was really special to not only spend time with her but to also see this beautiful country through her eyes. Safe to say, the trip was a success, as she’s already booked to go back with my dad!


Did you learn about any hidden gems?

Yes, so many. I almost don’t want to tell people about them because they should remain a secret... but I can’t help myself! The 292 Aurland was a little gem for me. It’s a wonderful hotel nestled in the lush Aurlandsdalen Valley, near Sognefjord, which is, in my opinion, Norway’s most beautiful fjord. Not only is the location great, but the hotel is also so unique and personal – a stop here is not to be missed.


What’s your favourite thing you ate?

The Norwegians are very hot on the concept of ‘slow food’, which focuses on consuming regional produce and traditional foods, so everything they eat is relatively local to the region. This makes all their meals so fresh and delicious that it’s hard to choose a specific favourite dish, but you can’t beat a juicy trout caught from a nearby fjord!


What was something you’d never done before?

I kayaked along a fjord while it was snowing, which was a magical experience. The water was so still that it felt like I was cutting it with a knife, and I had the strange sensation of being swallowed by the surrounding mountains.


Kayaking along a Norwegian Fjord


What’s something that can’t be missed?

A visit to Sognefjord and a ride on the Flåm Railway. Sognefjord is a short drive from Oslo and has been nicknamed the ‘King of Fjords’ for good reason, as it’s the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. And then the Flåm Railway, which is truly one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, crossing through mountains, fjords and waterfalls. The journey takes around two hours but seems to pass by in an instant.


What’s a top tip you’d give to clients?

That hiring a car is absolutely the best way to see Norway. Every twist and turn reveals breathtaking scenery, making it a country you can’t help but want to get lost in. There’s also something quite special (and hassle free!) about getting on a ferry while sitting in your car and rolling straight onto your next adventure.